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Behind Every Data Point Is a Person

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While I admit without apology or remorse that I believe the data is beautiful, I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge that it is malleable and does not always reflect the true human condition.Whether a qualitative or quantitative analysis, the world of numbers, number crunching and an ever increasing and slightly disturbing trend in data m

Meditation for Those Who Say They Can't

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Are you someone who is too busy to meditate? Too stressed to relax? You just can't sit still or quiet your mind? To you who say you can't meditate this information is specifically for you.Why you should meditate: 1. Meditation has proven to increase grey-matter in the brain improving learning, memory, self-awareness, compassion and introspection ba

With Gains in Health Coverage, Latino Children Also Gain More Equitable Opportunities for Success

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By Steven Lopez, Health Policy Project, NCLR and Sonya Scwhartz, Georgetown University Center for Children and FamiliesSonya Schwartz, Georgetown CCF Our new report with Georgetown University's Center for Children and Families finds that the uninsured rate for Hispanic kids hit a historic low and the coverage gap between Hispanic kids and their pe

Accomplishing Your Goals

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How often have you set goals for yourself but not fulfilled them?One problem may be competing goals.For example, perhaps your goal is to be more efficient at work. But you also have a goal of doing what you want when you want. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve work efficiency if you make decisions based on what you feel like

Make Your Home Healthier in 2016

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You've heard of New Year's health resolutions, but is your home making you sick? Doing your part to protect your home means reducing the exposure to toxins, pesticides, gases, mites and mold. For healthy living, these tips will help make you identify the hazards lurking in your environment and understand which of your health problems are in fact re

Do You Need a FitBit Intervention?

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Are you FitBitten? Is that little device on your wrist ruining your life? Answer the following questions honestly to find out.Have you ever gotten out of bed at night because someone passed you in a daily challenge and you march in place until you retake the lead?Is there someone you've always gotten along with, someone that you think is perfectly

Why I/We Hate Exercise (And How to Circumnavigate Our Reluctance)

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As the new year begins, thoughts about our health and how to improve it, naturally loom.I acquired an apple watch in part to provide accurate feedback on my progress. As we know, humans are not always accurate or objective reporters of our behavior. I assumed an electronic device will keep me honest. In our first week together, the watch reports t

How to Find the Best Yoga Teacher to Guide Your Practice

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By Christine ChenYoga is now nearly as popular as golf, according a recent report, which means more people are seeking guidance on a path of stretching their bodies, breath, and minds. The number of people trained to teach is also trending upward, as the quantity of newly registered instructors jumped 18% from 2008 to 2014. With so many teachers av

Primal Foot: Standing on Flat Ground Is Worse Than Sitting

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There are two basic things we do every day that are actively damaging our health: sitting in chairs for long periods of time and walking on flat ground.We now know, based on recent studies, that sitting in a chair for extended periods of time can be damaging to your health. Sitting in a chair puts our bodies in an unnatural position that constrains

The Best Way To Prep For Spring Term? 10 Secrets For Self-Care

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As we get ready to get back into the school grind after the holidays, don't forget to take a deep breath. Sure, you may be taking way more courses than you think you can handle, or you may be worried about that one core requirement that you've been putting off since your first year, but don't worry, you've got this!It's easy to forget how capable w

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