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Rocky Balboa's Comeback Is Harder Than Starting the First Time

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The other night at the Golden Globe awards, Sylvester Stallone got the biggest standing ovation of the entire evening. Everyone loves a comeback. At the podium, he spoke of being at this ceremony 40 years earlier. Coming back after being gone is harder than the first time. In fitness, there is a big difference between getting to your goal vs. makin

Is Over-Training Preventing You From Getting Results From Your Exercise?

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Article Source: makeyourbodywork.comAt this time of year fitness motivation is running high.New Years resolutions have been set and people everywhere are flocking to their local fitness centers to make good on their promise to exercise regularly.This is good news, right? Not always.In fact, up to 5% of the population exercises beyond what's consid

Are Wraps Really Healthier Than Sandwiches?

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You know that thing you do at the deli where you decide you're gonna get a healthy lunch and, in an earnest attempt to do the right thing, ask your sandwich artist to put it on a wrap instead of bread? You can stop doing that now.Experts say that wraps are oftentimes more processed and higher in calories than two slices of fresh-baked bread. This m

Diapers Are a Necessity, and Helping Working Families Afford Them Is One Too

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When I joined the Assembly, one of the first issues I started working on was making diapers more affordable and accessible to parents. The lack of sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or toddler clean, dry, and healthy has ripple effects through the community, and with nearly 5.3 million babies in the U.S. age three or younger living in p

We're All Becoming Yogis, But Who's Making the Money?

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Yoga is reaching more people than ever before in America, but at the same time, the cost of running a yoga studio might not translate into more places to practice, and it doesn't mean yoga studios are on a clear path to profit.A just released 2016 Yoga Journal/Yoga Alliance Yoga in America study shows a 50 percent increase in the number of people p

The Next Big Short

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Mike Burry, the hedge fund manager featured in the movie The Big Short, anticipated the housing crash by reading loan documents. Similarly, those in the food and agriculture arena predict a massive shift in farming practices by studying the inimical effects of the widely used weedkiller, RoundUp®.Glyphosate (the main ingredient in RoundUp®) has b

The Intended Consequences of Paid Leave

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It's as predictable as the terrible twos: Any time groups try to pass a progressive workplace policy, opponents warn of the unintended consequences to jobs and businesses. That has certainly been the case with proposals to establish a family and medical leave insurance fund. The facts say otherwise: A growing body of evidence shows that such a po

New Year: New 'Health' Reads

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As the new year begins, we've all got a variety of resolutions and goals in mind to achieve. About 45 percent of Americans make new years resolutions (lose weight, staying fit and healthy) and only 8 percent are successful in achieving the resolution. As a dietitian, I'm always looking for resources to help understand ways to achieve a healthier

Outrage of the Month: FDA Joins Hands With Industry to Weaken Agency's Rules

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In a Dec. 10, 2015, exposé, Inside Health Policy (IHP) revealed details of an Aug. 7 high-level strategy meeting between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the medical device industry. An FDA background document for the August meeting, obtained by IHP, stated that FDA representatives and AdvaMed, a leading medical device trade association

The Missing Ingredient in UN's 2030 Global Goals

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The United Nations recently brokered two historic agreements, applicable to every person on this planet: In September, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide the UN's work over the next 15 years, and, in December, the UN created a roadmap in Paris for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and responding to their de

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