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I Gave Up Coffee For a Month

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I committed a mega-mom-atrocity and gave up coffee for one month.Giving up my morning fix of caffeine, mixed with creamy sweetness, made me realize I need a minor vice to methodically dip into to avoid drowning in juicier vices.I abandoned coffee for a month because I needed to know I was capable of doing it. I had been drinking one cup of coffee e

Congress Should Enact Obama's Medicaid Proposal

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Congress should quickly enact a proposal, which President Obama will include in his 2017 budget, to give all states three years of full federal funding when they expand Medicaid -- whether they've already expanded or will in the future.When policymakers enacted health reform in 2010, they assumed that all states would expand Medicaid in 2014. 

Can You Force Someone to Be Healthier?

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In a classic study, researchers placed two rats in a cage. The first rat was able to do whatever he liked. He ate whenever he liked, he hopped on his rat treadmill to do a few laps whenever he was in the mood and he slept whenever he felt the urge to snooze. Essentially, he was living the rat high life and his brain bloomed with new brain cells. Th

The Drug Resistant Killers

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Every five minutes a child in Southeast Asia dies from an infection caused by drug-resistant bacteria -- a situation that is likely to get worse.Antimicrobial resistance, which happens when microorganisms become less susceptible to antibiotics, is making diseases more difficult to contain and harder to cure. Diseases we no longer fear, such as pneu

The Case for Calling the Dietary Guidelines What They Really Are

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Call me crazy. Or Ishmael, for that matter. I think "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" should be something vaguely like, well, oh I don't know, maybe: guidelines for Americans. About how to eat well. What does "dietary guidelines" make you think? Doesn't it sound an awful lot like: guidelines for people's diets? Doesn't that, in turn, sound quite a

Healthy Child Healthy World: Empowering Parents To Make Safer Choices

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By Nancy and James Chuda, founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World Michael Weatherly, with his beautiful wife Dr. Bojana Jankovic, shares his concerns as a father and advocate for right-to-know. Photo credit Tiffany Chien.Healthy Child Healthy World is the organization Jim and I founded in 1992 in memory of our only child Colette,

Concussion Film Reveals Dire Need to Learn More About Traumatic Brain Injuries and Treatments That Work to Heal

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If you've gotten past the Star Wars hype, you may have noticed the film Concussion in movie theaters. And just as Concussion itself is working to compete with the franchise blockbuster, its main characters are equally pitted against a massive sports corporation that "owns a day of the week."The film, set in 2002, follows Dr. Bennet Omalu (played by

The Hidden Zen of my Mother: Holding On to the Processes

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At any given time, in my childhood home, you could enter to find a half-full, delicate mug of tea, abandoned and gone cold on the kitchen counter. If there wasn't one there, you'd surely find it in the living room, on a coaster on the corner coffee table, or next to the old yellow landline phone with its curly-fry cord.A quarter life later, you'll

Why You Should Kiss Like Your Life Depends On It

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When was the last time you kissed passionately?If you can't remember you could be in trouble. Never mind the agonies of living a sexless life, a jobless life or even a penniless life -- it's a kiss-less life that could be the hallmark of misery on a number of levels.Yes, I made up that word -- kiss-less -- because all the while we don't have a word

How to Beat Late Life Blues

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We live in a society obsessed with age. One that constantly searches for the secret of eternal youth. Advertisers tell us we need to use creams and lotions to prevent sagging skin or worry-lines. Officials set out guidelines as to how we should approach old age and publications are rammed full of ways to prevent aging as if it were some sort of di

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