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Imbibe: Modern (And Often Boozy) Takes On Iced Tea

In between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, June has its very own reason to celebrate -- it's National Iced Tea Month! Okay, so it's not exactly postage stamp material, but come summertime, iced tea is essential to keeping cool. And while steeping up a batch after batch of summery sun tea still quenches, we've rounded up a handful of cocktail and mocktail recipes that offer decidedly modern takes on the classic cooler. And for even more on iced tea cocktails, click here.

And for more of the best liquid culture, click here.

White Tea Sangria Like Sangria? Then you’ll love this white-tea variation with kiwis, white wine and fresh peaches. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Stuart Mullenberg

Green Tea “Mojito” During Japan’s hot, humid months, powdered matcha green tea makes an appearance in everything from ice cream to smoothies. We especially love it in this alcohol-optionaly refresher. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Stuart Mullenberg

Trinidad Punch Fresh-brewed chai tea mingles with a mix of white rum, agave and citrus for a tiki-inspired sipper that can easily be multiplied to cool a crowd. Click here for the recipe.

Jimmy Dean No, not the breakfast sausage. Though this mix of orange pekoe, bourbon and Bärenjäger could be the ultimate breakfast cocktail. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Beall & Thomas Photography, courtesy Restaurant Eugene

Whiskey Tea Highball Smoky lapsang souchong tea meets with a hearty pour of bourbon in this simple, yet sophisticated sipper. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Beall & Thomas Photography, courtesy Blackberry Farm

Shady Creek Cooler Fresh blueberries and lavender combine with floral white tea for a deliciously refreshing alcohol-free cooler. Click here for the recipe.

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