What a Diet Really Looks Like From the Inside

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Like so many of us that have become more aware of our own health and wellbeing, I took this knowledge and awareness to a whole other level.Combined with a high level of exercise, I had a one-track mind to the "perfect" body. Rather than severely cutting calories, instead I remained steadfastly committed to tracking every single thing I ate -- for y

Rocky Balboa's Comeback Is Harder Than Starting the First Time

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The other night at the Golden Globe awards, Sylvester Stallone got the biggest standing ovation of the entire evening. Everyone loves a comeback. At the podium, he spoke of being at this ceremony 40 years earlier. Coming back after being gone is harder than the first time. In fitness, there is a big difference between getting to your goal vs. makin

Are Wraps Really Healthier Than Sandwiches?

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You know that thing you do at the deli where you decide you're gonna get a healthy lunch and, in an earnest attempt to do the right thing, ask your sandwich artist to put it on a wrap instead of bread? You can stop doing that now.Experts say that wraps are oftentimes more processed and higher in calories than two slices of fresh-baked bread. This m

The Next Big Short

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Mike Burry, the hedge fund manager featured in the movie The Big Short, anticipated the housing crash by reading loan documents. Similarly, those in the food and agriculture arena predict a massive shift in farming practices by studying the inimical effects of the widely used weedkiller, RoundUp®.Glyphosate (the main ingredient in RoundUp®) has b

Are You Making Any of These 4 Common Nutrition Mistakes?

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Nutrition: One of the most confusing topics in today's generation.With different diets and fads coming out every other day, it can be hard to differentiate the truth from the myths.Regardless, here are four common nutrition mistakes that I have seen in my fitness career!

How to Change Through Inspired Action

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Numerous articles are written on how to change extolling the powers of will, goals, and visualization, even advising what to change.Goals have their place when it comes to project planning and reminders to keep us on track. But when it comes to personal resolutions, ideal goals may unnecessarily set us up for judgment and failure or even limit our

Coconut Oil Sucks: Nutritionists Name the Most Overrated "Healthy" Foods

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By: Erin Kelly Credit: Shutterstock (edited)If you haven't been bombarded by the media or somebody on Facebook raving about the miraculous, all-healing powers of coconut oil, you've either been living under a rock or you're really, really good at blocking people from college (and your mom) on social media.But not everyone buys into the idea that co

Integrative Nutrition: 4 Factors More Important Than What You Eat

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Before I founded the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school, I worked in a small natural food store. All day I watched health-conscious customers read labels and ask questions about the products in the aisles. They gave great care and attention to the foods they chose to eat.Then after work, sometimes I would go t

Holiday Fitness Flight Plan

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Here is a list of things that used to scare me:Airplane turbulence. Terrorist threats. Not being able to locate my kids when they don't text me back. Swimming in deep water. Mannequins. Frogs.Now? I am not so afraid anymore, not of those things anyway. If the plane rocks, I just remind myself that I've had a great life so far. If the code goes to o

That Beer Belly May Actually Be Killing You

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By Anna Breslaw for GQ.(photo: Getty Images)Research is a beautiful thing. It cures disease. It sent us to the moon. It determined the color that looks good on everyone. But research can also be alarming. For instance, a bunch of people with several letters after their names (specifically MD's and PhD's) recently got together to study how weight af

Don't Use Weight As a Weapon

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Weight is front and center in America today, but perspectives vary according to context, knowledge, experience and yes, compassion. There are many angles to the issue and I'm pretty sure, that just about everyone who is overweight knows these factors intimately. We know our reality and our risks, and we know how hard these issues are to manage -- a

Emerging Crisis for Seniors: It's Probably Not What You Think

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As November is National Caregiver Month, I wanted to shine a light on a topic that caregivers and their loved ones are facing at increasing rates, but that very few people are talking about in public - senior malnutrition.The sheer number of malnourished elderly adults is truly staggering. One in three patients who are admitted to the hospital are

Can Fitness Really Be Fun?

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This seems to be the eternal question of the patron dabbling with the idea of buying into that big idea that is fitness. We know that exercise is essential, in one form or another, to living a healthier life. I don't need to give you a recap on the decades of evidence that real scientists have compiled in exercise science. Yet, why do people avoi

Exercises That Fitness Trainers Would Never Do

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Regardless of your current fitness level, everyone has been in the position of not knowing what to do in the gym. Wandering among the machines, free weights and other more experienced gym-goers, maybe you chose a piece of equipment at random and started doing your interpretation of what you thought the exercise should look like. Chances are your fo

On Making Time for Wellness

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"Health and wellness" is something we all want at some level. But when push comes to shove, it's easy to prioritize everything else over it-work, social time, "down time" in front of the TV or browsing the Internet. The intention is good, but something gets in the way of acting on it.Of course, in order to actually reap the benefits of our intended

Can't Stop Thinking About Those Cupcakes? Here's What to Do

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I LOVE cupcakes.Especially the kind that comes with heaps of vanilla buttercream frosting. And I have to be honest... if you put one in front of me, I'd have a hard time saying "no, thank you."Don't get me wrong, I don't see cupcakes as "bad." In fact, I don't put the foods I eat into "good" or "bad" categories. Instead, what I do is label them as

Nutritionists and Dietitians Dish on What They Would Never, Ever Eat

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There are foods that should be eaten in moderation (think, ice cream, cookies, cake, cocktails), and then there are foods (or maybe I should say "food-like products") that should probably never be eaten all.Click Here to see the Complete List of Things Nutritionists and Dietitians Would Never EatNo doubt, items in the latter category may have a cer

Weight Loss Plateau Breakers

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Are you within 10 pounds from your goal weight? Do you hover there, getting close by exercising and dieting? Until Thursday, that is; and then the weekend rolls around every darn week. When you are almost where you want to be, say within five pounds, you tend to allow yourself more wiggle room. Your clothes still fit, but maybe not all of your clo

Is That Seafood Safe? What You Need to Know

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Photo: Pond5By Laurel Leicht for Life by DailyBurnYou know fruit and vegetables have the most flavor during the months when they're being harvested. It might be surprising, though, that the same is true of seafood. "Many species are migratory, meaning they're available fresh in various regions only at certain times of the year," says Jeff Ludwin,

The 5 Foods to Avoid If You Want a Six Pack

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By Lisa Freedman for DETAILS.(photo: John Ashley/Flickr)Carrying a spare tire around your belly? You're not alone: Fifty-four percent of U.S. adults now have abdominal obesity, up from 46 percent in 2000, according to a recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. If you fall into that category (male abs are considered fat if t

Different Fuel for Different Workouts

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I know the look. It's the wrong food choice look. I've seen many people in my exercise classes get that look on their face a few minutes into class that says, I just ate the wrong food.Sometimes it's not enough food, sometimes it's too much. Sometimes it's just the food choice. Eating the right thing before lifting weights or jumping on the treadmi

The 10 Healthiest Beers, Ranked

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By Jaqueline Burt for DETAILS.There's no question that beer gets a bad rap when it comes to whether or not it's good for you--in fact, you've probably just come to accept the fact that knocking back a pint or two is somehow derailing your general well-being. But while it's true that a few too many six-packs can wreak havoc on your waistline--and po

Summertime Blues: 11 Tips for Getting Back On the Health Wagon

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It's all been going so well. Lunch is dutifully packed every day. Dinner is a well-planned event and exercise has been slotted in at some point most days. *polishes halo*Then IT happens. The summer holidays. All healthy pursuits go out the window, replaced by other pursuits -- frozen margaritas, pizza, pasta, ice cream, beer and sun lounging (w

Kids Bedtime Reading About Cooking: In Combating Eating Disorders, Can Food Be Its Own Best Defense?

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In the Kitchen With Grandad Cover Illustration"Listen to the stories your food can tell you," my Italian granddad always says. So commences the bedtime story In the Kitchen with Grandad. Running to 26 pages and focusing on Italian cuisine, it is the first paperback in a series of vignettes on international cooking, of which each is to treat of a di

How to Fuel Up for Your Workout

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By K. Aleisha Fetters for DETAILS.(photo: Getty Images)Want to get more out of your workout? You've got to start eating like it."If you don't fuel properly, you'll never train optimally and never maximize the time you spend training," says Susan Kleiner, Ph.D., R.D., author of Power Eating and a sports nutrition consultant to top NFL, NBA, and Olym

Confessions of an Amateur Raw Vegan

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A few weeks ago, a friend raved to me about the way it feels to be raw vegan."It's the BEST I've ever felt. Hands down. You feel happy all the time. I was never tired and had tons of energy. Giving your body exactly what it needs makes you feel amazing."That made a lot of sense to me, so I decided to try it for a month.It didn't quite last that lon

Don't Cancel Your Dinner Plans: A Science-Backed Reason to Be Social

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What does it take to age well? Most people I ask say some version of the following: a healthy diet, taking vitamins, staying in shape, and seeing a doctor for annual check-ups. The emphasis is always on physical health.Nobody ever mentions the importance of an active social life. According to research, spending most of your time alone and feeling l

So Long, Sniff Test: New Tech Tells You When the Milk's Gone Bad

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Scourge of cereal, corrupter of coffee, cause of more spit takes than a Donald Trump press conference: rotten milk has ruined many mornings. And yet our only defense against the potentially stomach-souring effect is the simple, unreliable sniff test.That may not be the case for much longer. Teams from University of California, Berkeley and National

Define Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating has had many definitions through the years. We've been told to eat no fat/low fat, or no carbohydrate/low carbohydrate. We've been sold shakes, bars, and packaged food as meals or meal replacements. What do you do, who do you believe?Speak to a qualified professional, and ask yourself, "Is this professional helping me or just selling

Using Mindfulness to Revolutionize the Diet Industry

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Dieters, hear my call. The time is ripe for mindfulness.Provocative news... Fortune reports of a current "plight" in the diet industry as people are looking for more holistic ways to get healthy. Americans seem to be putting greater focus on eating well versus calorie counting. Does this mean no more tongue exercisers, sauna suits, or diet dinnerwa

A White House Conference on Aging: Aren't We All?

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On Monday, July 13, I will have the honor of attending the 2015 White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) at the White House featuring President Obama. It will be the fourth White House Conference I have attended, including my appointment by President Clinton to serve as Executive Director of the 1995 conference. White House Conferences on Aging s

Your Low-Fat Diet Could Be Making You Fat

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I've got some bad news. You've been duped. In fact, for the better part of the last century we've all been lied to about what it means to eat a healthy diet. Here's the story: In the 1960s and '70s eight U.S. Senators had heart attacks and died while in office. Seeing his colleagues drop dead around him alarmed the 54-year-old Senator George McGove

Diet Tips for Patriotic Picnics

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Do not read this if food management at the beach barbecue is easy for you.But if you love a hot dog fresh off the grill, if you cannot resist the red, white and blue cupcakes and if you always rationalize eating the nine-layer veggie nacho dip to the point where any vegetarian benefits are swallowed by the quantity consumed as well as the chips use

Are You Lost in a Food Fog?

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We've all had those periods of time -- it could be hours or it could be weeks or months or years. Periods of time when we get sucked up in the fabric of life -- of doing and getting things done -- when we're busy and over scheduled all of the time.And it affects our eating. In the best-case scenario, this means that things have been okay, but maybe

What's The Deal With Matcha, Anyway?

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If you're all about your local coffee shop, you've probably noticed a new menu item in recent months. It seems like matcha lattes, matcha desserts and matcha smoothies are everywhere these days, and their vibrant green hue is being documented all over Instagram.So, what makes this specific form of green tea so special? Let's take a closer look. Ins

Margaret Marshall: Consider Calories as You Do Dollars

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Do you count calories? Don't! Why all the emphasis on calories when all calories are not created equal? As I say this, I believe you must know about calories and how they affect your eating, weight, and health.For example you can eat a small ounce of chocolate for approximately 150 calories, or you can choose to eat one large apple for about 120 ca
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