When it Comes to Choice, Hillary is the Only Choice

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43 years ago next week, the Supreme Court declared abortion a fundamental right, and forever preserved a woman's right to make her own decisions about her health. Yet today, just 2 weeks before the Iowa caucuses, the Republican front-runner in that state has vowed to invalidate this Supreme Court ruling. When asked if he would even attempt to use t

From NPR's Latino USA: The Kids Are Not Alright

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How does stress in the home affect children? On this episode of Latino USA, we meet a family of American siblings whose mother lacks legal status in the U.S. to explore the unintended consequences immigration policies have on these kids. We also visit a pediatrician's office where babies are being screened by mental health experts. Although it may

Director of Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Explains What Makes Cancer So Hard To Cure

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These Questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answers by William G. Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, on Quora.Q: What makes cancer so hard to solve?A: Cancer is a collection of many diseases characterized by

Former M.L.B. Player Tells You How To Create A Fitness Routine That Works

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How do you create a fitness schedule that works? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Gabe Kapler, Player Development for the LA Dodgers, Kaplifestyle, on Quora.

Motivations for Personalized Genetic Testing Include Explaining -- Not Just Predicting

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Last week, I invited the venerable Lee Hood to speak to us at Harvard Medical School, and I was reminded again of his prescience in describing and advocating for "P4 Medicine" -- or predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine -- over 10 years ago, in 2004!And while Lee's vision of P4 Medicine embraces a model of systems biology

Heath Care vs. Disease Care

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In medicine, we don't tell you what is about to happen because we don't know. We react to illness and injury. We make diagnoses of diseases after they affect you, and treat injuries after you suffer from them. But what if a significant portion of our work was focused on testing you before you got sick or injured? We might develop exquisite pr

Dismantling Kynect Could Mean Higher Costs, Less Coverage for Kentuckians

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's plan to dismantle Kynect, the state's health insurance exchange, and transition to the federal exchange would hurt Kentuckians, despite what some contend.  It likely will mean that they'll face higher premiums and have a harder time getting and staying covered.Health reform provides a "no wrong door," seamless el

What a Diet Really Looks Like From the Inside

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Like so many of us that have become more aware of our own health and wellbeing, I took this knowledge and awareness to a whole other level.Combined with a high level of exercise, I had a one-track mind to the "perfect" body. Rather than severely cutting calories, instead I remained steadfastly committed to tracking every single thing I ate -- for y

Támesis, Colombia: A Beacon for Public Health

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By Li Gao, Katrina Keegan, Johan Morales, and Laura PulgarinDusk in Támesis, Colombia.Still groggy with sleep, we boarded our vans to embark on the three-hour journey from Medellin to Támesis, Colombia. The long and winding road lent spectacular views of the Colombian countryside and allowed for some much-needed reflection time. Our team, usually

Are My Elbows Fat? Why Eating Disorders Should Matter to You.

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With the New Year upon us we start to think about weight and issues with our bodyAccording to the Nation Eating Disorder Association, eating disorders (ED) such as anorexia have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and about 10-15% of people in American struggle with eating disorders. According to The National Institute of Mental Health

Behind Every Data Point Is a Person

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While I admit without apology or remorse that I believe the data is beautiful, I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge that it is malleable and does not always reflect the true human condition.Whether a qualitative or quantitative analysis, the world of numbers, number crunching and an ever increasing and slightly disturbing trend in data m

Meditation for Those Who Say They Can't

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Are you someone who is too busy to meditate? Too stressed to relax? You just can't sit still or quiet your mind? To you who say you can't meditate this information is specifically for you.Why you should meditate: 1. Meditation has proven to increase grey-matter in the brain improving learning, memory, self-awareness, compassion and introspection ba

With Gains in Health Coverage, Latino Children Also Gain More Equitable Opportunities for Success

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By Steven Lopez, Health Policy Project, NCLR and Sonya Scwhartz, Georgetown University Center for Children and FamiliesSonya Schwartz, Georgetown CCF Our new report with Georgetown University's Center for Children and Families finds that the uninsured rate for Hispanic kids hit a historic low and the coverage gap between Hispanic kids and their pe

Accomplishing Your Goals

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How often have you set goals for yourself but not fulfilled them?One problem may be competing goals.For example, perhaps your goal is to be more efficient at work. But you also have a goal of doing what you want when you want. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve work efficiency if you make decisions based on what you feel like

Make Your Home Healthier in 2016

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You've heard of New Year's health resolutions, but is your home making you sick? Doing your part to protect your home means reducing the exposure to toxins, pesticides, gases, mites and mold. For healthy living, these tips will help make you identify the hazards lurking in your environment and understand which of your health problems are in fact re

Do You Need a FitBit Intervention?

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Are you FitBitten? Is that little device on your wrist ruining your life? Answer the following questions honestly to find out.Have you ever gotten out of bed at night because someone passed you in a daily challenge and you march in place until you retake the lead?Is there someone you've always gotten along with, someone that you think is perfectly

Why I/We Hate Exercise (And How to Circumnavigate Our Reluctance)

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As the new year begins, thoughts about our health and how to improve it, naturally loom.I acquired an apple watch in part to provide accurate feedback on my progress. As we know, humans are not always accurate or objective reporters of our behavior. I assumed an electronic device will keep me honest. In our first week together, the watch reports t

How to Find the Best Yoga Teacher to Guide Your Practice

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By Christine ChenYoga is now nearly as popular as golf, according a recent report, which means more people are seeking guidance on a path of stretching their bodies, breath, and minds. The number of people trained to teach is also trending upward, as the quantity of newly registered instructors jumped 18% from 2008 to 2014. With so many teachers av

Primal Foot: Standing on Flat Ground Is Worse Than Sitting

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There are two basic things we do every day that are actively damaging our health: sitting in chairs for long periods of time and walking on flat ground.We now know, based on recent studies, that sitting in a chair for extended periods of time can be damaging to your health. Sitting in a chair puts our bodies in an unnatural position that constrains

The Best Way To Prep For Spring Term? 10 Secrets For Self-Care

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As we get ready to get back into the school grind after the holidays, don't forget to take a deep breath. Sure, you may be taking way more courses than you think you can handle, or you may be worried about that one core requirement that you've been putting off since your first year, but don't worry, you've got this!It's easy to forget how capable w

Rocky Balboa's Comeback Is Harder Than Starting the First Time

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The other night at the Golden Globe awards, Sylvester Stallone got the biggest standing ovation of the entire evening. Everyone loves a comeback. At the podium, he spoke of being at this ceremony 40 years earlier. Coming back after being gone is harder than the first time. In fitness, there is a big difference between getting to your goal vs. makin

Is Over-Training Preventing You From Getting Results From Your Exercise?

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Article Source: makeyourbodywork.comAt this time of year fitness motivation is running high.New Years resolutions have been set and people everywhere are flocking to their local fitness centers to make good on their promise to exercise regularly.This is good news, right? Not always.In fact, up to 5% of the population exercises beyond what's consid

Are Wraps Really Healthier Than Sandwiches?

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You know that thing you do at the deli where you decide you're gonna get a healthy lunch and, in an earnest attempt to do the right thing, ask your sandwich artist to put it on a wrap instead of bread? You can stop doing that now.Experts say that wraps are oftentimes more processed and higher in calories than two slices of fresh-baked bread. This m

Diapers Are a Necessity, and Helping Working Families Afford Them Is One Too

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When I joined the Assembly, one of the first issues I started working on was making diapers more affordable and accessible to parents. The lack of sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or toddler clean, dry, and healthy has ripple effects through the community, and with nearly 5.3 million babies in the U.S. age three or younger living in p

We're All Becoming Yogis, But Who's Making the Money?

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Yoga is reaching more people than ever before in America, but at the same time, the cost of running a yoga studio might not translate into more places to practice, and it doesn't mean yoga studios are on a clear path to profit.A just released 2016 Yoga Journal/Yoga Alliance Yoga in America study shows a 50 percent increase in the number of people p

The Next Big Short

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Mike Burry, the hedge fund manager featured in the movie The Big Short, anticipated the housing crash by reading loan documents. Similarly, those in the food and agriculture arena predict a massive shift in farming practices by studying the inimical effects of the widely used weedkiller, RoundUp®.Glyphosate (the main ingredient in RoundUp®) has b

The Intended Consequences of Paid Leave

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It's as predictable as the terrible twos: Any time groups try to pass a progressive workplace policy, opponents warn of the unintended consequences to jobs and businesses. That has certainly been the case with proposals to establish a family and medical leave insurance fund. The facts say otherwise: A growing body of evidence shows that such a po

New Year: New 'Health' Reads

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As the new year begins, we've all got a variety of resolutions and goals in mind to achieve. About 45 percent of Americans make new years resolutions (lose weight, staying fit and healthy) and only 8 percent are successful in achieving the resolution. As a dietitian, I'm always looking for resources to help understand ways to achieve a healthier

Outrage of the Month: FDA Joins Hands With Industry to Weaken Agency's Rules

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In a Dec. 10, 2015, exposé, Inside Health Policy (IHP) revealed details of an Aug. 7 high-level strategy meeting between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the medical device industry. An FDA background document for the August meeting, obtained by IHP, stated that FDA representatives and AdvaMed, a leading medical device trade association

The Missing Ingredient in UN's 2030 Global Goals

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The United Nations recently brokered two historic agreements, applicable to every person on this planet: In September, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide the UN's work over the next 15 years, and, in December, the UN created a roadmap in Paris for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and responding to their de

I Gave Up Coffee For a Month

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I committed a mega-mom-atrocity and gave up coffee for one month.Giving up my morning fix of caffeine, mixed with creamy sweetness, made me realize I need a minor vice to methodically dip into to avoid drowning in juicier vices.I abandoned coffee for a month because I needed to know I was capable of doing it. I had been drinking one cup of coffee e

Congress Should Enact Obama's Medicaid Proposal

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Congress should quickly enact a proposal, which President Obama will include in his 2017 budget, to give all states three years of full federal funding when they expand Medicaid -- whether they've already expanded or will in the future.When policymakers enacted health reform in 2010, they assumed that all states would expand Medicaid in 2014. 

Can You Force Someone to Be Healthier?

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In a classic study, researchers placed two rats in a cage. The first rat was able to do whatever he liked. He ate whenever he liked, he hopped on his rat treadmill to do a few laps whenever he was in the mood and he slept whenever he felt the urge to snooze. Essentially, he was living the rat high life and his brain bloomed with new brain cells. Th

The Drug Resistant Killers

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Every five minutes a child in Southeast Asia dies from an infection caused by drug-resistant bacteria -- a situation that is likely to get worse.Antimicrobial resistance, which happens when microorganisms become less susceptible to antibiotics, is making diseases more difficult to contain and harder to cure. Diseases we no longer fear, such as pneu

The Case for Calling the Dietary Guidelines What They Really Are

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Call me crazy. Or Ishmael, for that matter. I think "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" should be something vaguely like, well, oh I don't know, maybe: guidelines for Americans. About how to eat well. What does "dietary guidelines" make you think? Doesn't it sound an awful lot like: guidelines for people's diets? Doesn't that, in turn, sound quite a

Healthy Child Healthy World: Empowering Parents To Make Safer Choices

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By Nancy and James Chuda, founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World Michael Weatherly, with his beautiful wife Dr. Bojana Jankovic, shares his concerns as a father and advocate for right-to-know. Photo credit Tiffany Chien.Healthy Child Healthy World is the organization Jim and I founded in 1992 in memory of our only child Colette,

Concussion Film Reveals Dire Need to Learn More About Traumatic Brain Injuries and Treatments That Work to Heal

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If you've gotten past the Star Wars hype, you may have noticed the film Concussion in movie theaters. And just as Concussion itself is working to compete with the franchise blockbuster, its main characters are equally pitted against a massive sports corporation that "owns a day of the week."The film, set in 2002, follows Dr. Bennet Omalu (played by

Why You Should Kiss Like Your Life Depends On It

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When was the last time you kissed passionately?If you can't remember you could be in trouble. Never mind the agonies of living a sexless life, a jobless life or even a penniless life -- it's a kiss-less life that could be the hallmark of misery on a number of levels.Yes, I made up that word -- kiss-less -- because all the while we don't have a word

How to Beat Late Life Blues

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We live in a society obsessed with age. One that constantly searches for the secret of eternal youth. Advertisers tell us we need to use creams and lotions to prevent sagging skin or worry-lines. Officials set out guidelines as to how we should approach old age and publications are rammed full of ways to prevent aging as if it were some sort of di

Are You Making Any of These 4 Common Nutrition Mistakes?

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Nutrition: One of the most confusing topics in today's generation.With different diets and fads coming out every other day, it can be hard to differentiate the truth from the myths.Regardless, here are four common nutrition mistakes that I have seen in my fitness career!

DISPATCH: I Can Do It, You Can Do It

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Community equals immunity. Something good happens to your primordial grid when you're spending time with like-minded folks. Knowledge is shared. Inspiration is gifted. New seeds are planted. I attended my first Hay House I Can Do It conference in NYC a few weeks ago and got to experience the resonance first-hand. The collagen of consciousness liter

Holistic Organic Self-Care for Mothers

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Self-care is a vital necessity in everyone's life.  Self-care is not just about everyday living and survival.  It's more than having the strength and energy to get through your day and cope with all of life's challenges.  Preparing delicious healthy meals so you feel good and healthy throughout the day and week is an integral part of holistic se

More Evidence of Medicaid Expansion's Positive Effects

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Poor adults in states that have expanded Medicaid as part of health reform have greater access to health care services and fewer problems paying their medical bills, and hospitals there are admitting fewer uninsured patients, two new studies published in Health Affairs show.  These findings provide more evidence that Medicaid expansion is impr

Take Action Against Lung Cancer

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As an actor, I know how to transform myself into a character onscreen that is vastly different from the person I am off-screen. Earlier this year, in partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb, I took on a new leading role as part of a campaign to help increase public awareness around lung cancer -- the leading cause of cancer death worldwide and the se

The Best Thing Any American Woman Can Do

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With an African American President of the United States completing his second term--something many of us were too cynical years ago to believe would ever happen in our lifetimes--the diversity of presidential candidates today is notable: among them, the highly conservative African American Ben Carson and two women, each solidly planted on opposite

How on Earth Can a Remote Ethiopian Health Post Function without Electricity?

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Whenever I visit Ethiopia I have to recalibrate my definition of "rural" and "remote." On my most recent trip I traveled with John Snow Inc.'s Zenaw Adam to the Udeledaba kebele (the smallest administrative unit of Ethiopia usually less than 5,000 people) situated within the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia. We went to see the work he and his c

The 6 Big Sex Questions to Ask Each Other Before You Get Married

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by Jillian Kramer, BRIDESIt's true that married sex is the best sex. "Marriage is a bright new beginning that often heralds a deeper dimension of a couple's sexual relationship," says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D, sex therapist and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive. "But it would be a mistake to think that t

New Year, New Rear

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Now that the holidays have wrapped up, many of us are left recovering from a whirlwind month of celebrations and events full of reveling...and of course, an overabundance of delicious food!We may have a few things to show for all our holiday cheer: perhaps a home in need of deep cleaning, or a credit card statement that is higher than usual...or pe

Is Pinterest Setting The Bar Too High?

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Welcome to MD for Moms It starts with well-lighted, charming, week-by-week baby bump pictures all the way through pregnancy, moves into black and white pictures of newborns perched on their tearful mothers' chests, mom and baby playing peek-a-boo on the grass, Alice in Wonderland first birthday parties with porcelain tea cups and Mad Hatter multi-t

How to Change Through Inspired Action

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Numerous articles are written on how to change extolling the powers of will, goals, and visualization, even advising what to change.Goals have their place when it comes to project planning and reminders to keep us on track. But when it comes to personal resolutions, ideal goals may unnecessarily set us up for judgment and failure or even limit our

Living in the Past Condemns the Future

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Its January, and lots of us have been talking about what happened over the recent holidays, or, at least, listening to others doing so. Maybe like me, you've heard (or said) something like, "I thought it (Xmas, New Year's, a trip etc.) was going to be great, but then _______ (fill-in-the-blank) did or said ________ (fill-in-the-blank) just like alw

The Amazing Relationship Between Your Mind and Body

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In Woody Allen's movie, Annie Hall, Diane Keaton is breaking up with Woody and wants to know why he isn't angry. "I don't get angry," Allen replies, "I grow a tumor instead."We tend to think of our bodies and minds as separate systems and believe they function independently. Yet can you remember the last time went on a first date with someone you w

America and Reproductive Rights: Not Making the Grade

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The Population Institute this week is releasing its annual 50-state report card on reproductive health and rights, and it is not an encouraging report. It is, in fact, alarming. Nineteen states received a failing grade and the U.S. grade fell from a "C" to a "D+". Attacks on Planned Parenthood, both physical and political, are jeopardizing the ab

Star Wars Jedi Mindful Tricks for Healthy Eating in 2016

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Are you about to start a diet for 2016 to repent for all the unhealthy eating you've been doing? Or perhaps you already started. How are you planning to do it? Diet? Detox? Cleanse? Magic pills? Starvation? Green goop? Juice? Calorie counting? Pre-packaged meals? Shakes? Lipo? Lap band surgery?I know it can feel like extremes are the only solution.

A Simple Exercise to Feel Happiness and Find Gratitude

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In a recent post, I talked about how feelings of happiness and joy can lead to health and healing. Some questions I received related to how one can find happiness and feel it more often. When things are not going so great, it can be difficult to find moments of happiness, and even though they may be present, these moments can go unnoticed. Shawn Ac

A Healthier New You

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With the arrival of the new year, most of us start to think about resolutions. Many of our resolutions vary from year to year, but they often include topics of health, fitness, or personal growth. As I'm sure many of you can relate, these resolutions tend to fall by the wayside within the first few weeks of the year. We often make the mistake of ch

Another New Year Past, Same Old Hangover?

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With New Year's Eve behind us, and most hangovers forgotten, resolutions to not drink so much are fading away by now. Bowl games, family gatherings, and cold winters may create opportunities for excessive alcoholic intake. It is obvious that the best way to avoid a hangover is to limit or avoid alcohol intake. For many this simply will not happen.

Look Within

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"Be a truth seeker. Growth begins with the courage to look inside yourself. Choose to be brave, and uncover endless potential."As a competitive and nationally ranked tennis player, a coach, therapist, corporate speaker and champion motivator it has become blazingly clear to me, people spend far too much time and energy worrying about what other

Here's How Much Your New Year's Resolution Will Cost You

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By Morgan Quinn, ContributorAt the beginning of every year, you pick a New Year's resolution. Sometimes you succeed at sticking to it ... and other times you fail miserably. According to author Joseph Grenny, 70 percent of people who fail to keep their New Year's resolutions lose more than $1,000, reported Time in 2014. If you're one of those peopl

Big Girl Pants

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I am 28 years old and this is the first time in my life that I can proudly proclaim that I am a woman. Ever since I turned 18 I tried to be an adult as fast as I could because I wanted the freedom to do things. I remember the rush that I had when I drove the family car on my own just to do groceries. Like seriously? Who get's excited to run erra

Why I Play Golf

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First and foremost I play golf because I like to learn something new every year. Learning something new, as a lifelong learner, is so satisfying. I believe I will stay young-at-heart with this healthy attitude and I like feeling young. In the past I have started to learn to speak Spanish. I am still at it. I am still learning how to ride a bike. Mo

Why Not to Make a Resolution

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It's that time again; the time of workout ads and inspirational quotes about making this the 'year of you'. There is just an overall sentiment of newness and transformation being promised when the calendar changes. The time to make our New Year's Resolutions -- the pledges we make to ourselves to do better and be better.I remember my resolutions

The Collagen of Consciousness

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It's on the quiet, cool days of May, when soothing fog and buffering dove grey clouds float snugly across the sky, that one reaches clarity. Paradoxically, the veil between the earth and the universe lifts the barriers between you and your true self. It's as if the fog purges the pores of your mind and deep-cleanses the skin of your psyche.Feed you

My Academy Award Nominations for Best Health-Themed Movie of 2015

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Although there is no Oscar for the best health-themed movie, each year I nominate films for the year that have the best health themes. I select the winner of my Health Oriented Motion-picture Excellence (HOME) Academy Award just prior to the real Oscar awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The health-themed movies are rated by

Competition and Jealousy Among Men: It's Often Real And Potentially Destructive

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A few weeks ago, I contacted an acquaintance (yes, acquaintance, not a close, personal friend) with whom I had not spoken with in quite awhile. I was hoping that he would be able to confirm a question for me as it related to the death of a person we both casually knew. Fortunately, for me, he was able to do so. During the conversation, the acquaint

When Winter Becomes Solitary Confinement

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The short days and long cold nights of winter can have a negative effect on people who already feel lonely and isolated. Often these are older people who are physically challenged and fearful of weather conditions that can pose a danger, such as falling on ice or getting pneumonia. The number of people living alone has increased from 5 percent in t

Technology to Improve Our Lives

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As we look around the technology landscape at the beginning of 2016, I think it's fair to say that the pace of innovation is quite impressive. Driverless cars, drones, connected homes and 3-D virtual reality have arrived and today's youth don't even know of a time without social media or mobile apps.We are certainly living in exciting times thanks

Diabetes New Year's Resolutions, Nah!

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Cartoons by Haidee Soule Merritt. Used with permission.I don't make New Year's resolutions. Let's be frank, where in my brain would there be room for them? From the second I open my eyes to the moment I close them, my head is full of diabetes tasks and calculations. First I roll out of bed and lumber into the kitchen. I pull out my glucose meter.

Seven Ways Travel Wreaks Havoc on Your Health

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Getty Images/Flickr SelectEven the sunniest of island getaways has a dark side. While vacation itself can make you happier and healthier, the process of getting there--close quarters, hours of immobility, the wrench in your usual routine--means confronting a barrage of health hazards. Arm yourself against the attack with these stay-well strategies:

Action on climate change creates a circle for health and economic growth

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Joint comment: Incoming chairwoman of Gavi Alliance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and WHO Assistant Director General Dr Flavia Bustreo With climate finance as a key lever in the Paris accord, countries concerned with the costs of a low-carbon development pathway may borrow a page from the playbook of health finance experiences. Societies that invest in lo

Why Hope Matters

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I'm never quite sure when it's going to happen. You would think after all these years, I would have some kind of warning sign before it starts. The situations are different. The settings and people change, but the feeling is always the same.I was probably 8 years old when I first realized it was there. My older brothers were watching the original F

Five New Year's Resolutions Ideas for College Students

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I am very pro-New Year's Resolutions. Yes, sometimes, we are overly ambitious and make too many goals. Yes, sometimes, we don't stick to these lists; within just a few days, we may have already broken one of our apparent to-do's for the year. And, yes, you can make change at any time so deciding to make resolutions on New Year's Day is somewhat arb

Redefining Healthy in 2016: The 7 Benchmarks of Health

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It feels like an onslaught. Health and wellness information coming at us from all directions. Eat this way, do this workout, try this product. A country done with being unhealthy, tired of our obesity crisis and fatiguing with the traditional biomarkers of "healthy," Americans are no longer taking their health for granted. You can feel the hunge

New Year 2016: How Consumers Will Rock Health Care

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It's 2016 and health care is at a never-before moment of change. The mass consumerization of health, the growing influence of women over the health care industry and dramatic technological innovation are driving a major shift for pharma companies, physicians, pharmacists and other providers. Now is the time for the health sector to seize the m

Find Your Own Path Through Life

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Everyone has a path before them, the path of least resistance, a way through life that won't attract too much attention.It probably looks a lot like the life of your father or your mother. By the time you become an independent adult (whether that is 18 or 21 or even 25) you have built up a lot of momentum simply from the circumstances you were born

Trending: 'Food Heroes' in 2016

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We talk a lot these days about what's trending in pop culture. Of course, health will always be trending. And, as we move into 2016, we are going to continue to focus on improving our diets, and to seek out nutritional wellness in almost everything we eat.Okay, so we're not always totally successful, and I'm a firm believer in the "everything in mo

Terrorism as Cancer and Vice Versa: Of Waving Fists and Forgotten Gloves

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Terrorism is commonly, and aptly, I think, compared to cancer. Generally, however, those making the association fail to follow where the logic of it leads and even insinuate the merit of bravado belied by it. That's my proposition to you here; let's explore, to the limits of its validity, this oft-invoked resemblance.I recognize that neither cancer

Coconut Oil Sucks: Nutritionists Name the Most Overrated "Healthy" Foods

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By: Erin Kelly Credit: Shutterstock (edited)If you haven't been bombarded by the media or somebody on Facebook raving about the miraculous, all-healing powers of coconut oil, you've either been living under a rock or you're really, really good at blocking people from college (and your mom) on social media.But not everyone buys into the idea that co

In Defense of Food: Michael Pollan on Eating Out

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Michael Pollan's documentary film In Defense of Food premieres on PBS on Wednesday, Dec. 30. In the film, based on the book of the same name, the best-selling author repeats his now famous dietary advice: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. If you cook for yourself, this advice is fairly easy to follow. Unfortunately, professional chefs have ve

Tai Chi, Qigong and the Question, 'Who Am I?'

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My teacher, a Tai Chi Master and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, first introduced me to this question, "Who am I?" At first, when I began taking qigong classes I noticed he would also say, "I am air, I am water, I am light." He would sometimes ask the class this question, "Who am I?" Invariably someone would answer with those formulaic words,

Space Past Failure: The Musk of Zero

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Until this week, it was space 3, Elon Musk, zero. One Falcon 9 Rocket exploded shortly after takeoff, and two that flew as hoped failed to land as intended. But then that indefatigable blend of dreamer and engineer tried again. He not only rocketed past those prior failures to the space beyond, he brought the rocket safely back, a feat never before

How to Start Working Out If You Really Hate Exercising

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By: Laura Williams Credit: Cole Saladino/ThrillistFrom the outside looking in, exercise sure looks like a form of medieval torture. The exertion, the grunting, the self-inflicted pain -- it's not exactly a walk in the park.Except that it is. It is exactly a walk in the park. And if you're still not exercising because you "hate exercising," then it'

Fast Eater? 7 Tips on How to Slow Down These Holidays

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There's really no reason to rush through something as pleasurable as eating. They say it takes 20 minutes for our brain to register satiety. Competitive eaters race to beat the clock and their body's warnings of satiety, but for the rest of us, the you've-had-enough signal is a caring friend, trying to save us from ourselves.Current trends are movi

Why the Obsession With Getting By on Less Sleep Needs to End

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A recent NPR article asked the question in its headline, "Is it Safe for Medical Residents to Work 30-Hour Shifts?" I immediately shook my head in disbelief. No. Absolutely not.Basically, the peg of the story was to delve into how longer work hours may or may not impact first-year medical residents. A year-long study is in effect that aims to compa

What to Do When You're Afraid of People Judging Your Weight

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One of the big things I hear from the woman I work with is this: What if people think I'm fat and gained weight?What if I go home and my family comments on my weight?What if everyone is thinking how frumpy and fat I look every time I'm out?What if I go home and my family comments on my weight?A few weeks ago, one of my clients said, "well, if I wa

Nathan Jones - The Sweet Smell of Success

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Imagine being 29 years old. Your career, up until this point, has been as a commercial diver for oil fields. You wake up one day and decide that today's the day you will begin your entrepreneurial journey and so you quit your job. Not only do you leave the comfort of the job you know, you embark upon a journey to sell a product that almost nobody h

Make More Art: The Health Benefits of Creativity

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In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health published a review titled, The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health. You can find it here.In that article, researchers analyzed more than 100 studies about the impact of art on your health and your ability to heal yourself. The studies included everything from music and writing to dance a

My New Year's Resolution: Regress to a Better Mean

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Every year around this time of year, people harness something that the behavioral economist Katherine Milkman calls the "Fresh Start Effect." We use the temporal landmark of a new year to give ourselves a clean slate -- a fresh start, if you will -- and commit to a whole manner of aspirational behaviors. Unfortunately, too often these behaviors are

Your Daily Sugar Allowance, Pictured in Different Foods

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By: Anthony Schneck @AnthonySchneck Credit: Cole Saladino/ThrillistThe World Health Organization made news by declaring bacon (and other processed meats) carcinogenic, but for most people in the Western world, sugar is much more problematic for overall health. In response to out-of-control sugar consumption -- which leads to fun diseases like obesi

Why You Don't Need to Worry About Your Health Over the Holidays

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It's the holidays and you've probably seen endless stories about how you can "stay healthy over the holidays" -- tips intended to keep you from "overindulging." Ick! It's the holidays - and how un-fun is it to be at a party when your chief concern is avoiding the baked Brie? DELETE. Oh, and please pass the peanut butter haystacks. As a doctor, I'm

The Uncomfortable Truth About Change

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In the spirit of the upcoming New Year and the hullabaloo of resolutions, I feel an urge to help women be more successful in their efforts to get healthy this time around. I'm a nutrition and health coach that helps women successfully change their life by improving their health, increasing their energy, and losing weight. But I want everyone that i

Does Rinsing Fruit Before You Eat It Actually Do Anything?

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Or can we rub that apple on our shirt and call it a day? By Amanda Schupak, SELF Romulo A YanesOf course we all know that we're supposed to wash fruits and vegetables before we eat them. But how much can just rinsing under the tap really do?A lot, it turns out.Here are seven things you should know about washing raw fruits and veggies:1. Rinsing pro

Immortality Bus Delivers Newly Created Transhumanist Bill of Rights to the US Capitol

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The Immortality Bus at the US Capitol in Washington DC -- Photo by Zoltan IstvanAfter months of traveling across the country on a national bus tour, the coffin-shaped Immortality Bus drove into Washington DC and successfully delivered a newly created Transhumanist Bill of Rights to the US Capitol. The delivery of the futurist-themed bill--which

Making These 5 Choices Today Could Lead to a Happy Life

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As we come to the end of another year, we thinking about the New Year and the goals we want to accomplish. New Year's resolutions have gotten a bad rap because most people lose focus after the first few months of the year. They are, however, important because we should have constant growth in our lives.Each of us has different goals and dreams, and

How Much Testosterone Makes a Man?

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Testosterone has been available as a medical therapy since the 1930s, yet testosterone use in men has seen dramatic growth in recent years, with men visiting their physician up 55 percent from 1.2 million in 2009 to 1.9 million in 2013 to discuss testosterone therapy, alongside a 10-fold increase in testosterone prescriptions in the U.S. This rise

What Is the Ultimate Luxury?

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The best things in life aren't things. -- Art BuchwaldWhile nice things may be nice, the relentless pursuit of material goods leaves people feeling empty. More money, a faster car, a brand new dress and a bigger house don't bring happiness. What is striking is how bad most of us are at predicting what will.The offices of Park Avenue psychiatrists a

Stealth Trans Houdini in the Men's Locker Room

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My wayward schlong dislodged from my dripping swim trunks and landed on the funky, wet, locker room floor like a freshly caught fish flopping and struggling for its last desperate breath on the bottom of a well-worn rowboat. It was 2012, early in my medical transition, and I was still getting the hang of being a gender-gifted swimmer with a new bod

Want Your Kids to Have Healthy Vision? Make Sure They Have an Annual Eye Exam

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In the last half of the 20th century, the United States made impressive strides in ensuring the health of our children. Breakthrough medical research resulted in vaccines for many childhood diseases. Public health programs educated parents about the importance of these vaccines and state and city laws went into effect requiring immunizations for ch

According the Future Its Due

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'Tis, as the saying goes, the season. As I write this, if not necessarily as you read it, 'tis the season of rhetorical flourish, soaring aspirations. Even if often wrapped in crass commercialism, or delivered in the lyrics of a particularly corny carol, the sentiments are real, the yearning -- perennial and fervent. We feel it always, I believe --

Addressing the Growing Health Crisis On International Migrants Day

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(UN Photo/Tobin Jones)There are currently almost 60 million refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) around the world. This is the most at any time since World War II -- a devastating reminder on International Migrants Day. For the many pregnant women fleeing violence for IDP camps or making the perilous journey to safety on other shores,

Integrative Nutrition: 4 Factors More Important Than What You Eat

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Before I founded the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school, I worked in a small natural food store. All day I watched health-conscious customers read labels and ask questions about the products in the aisles. They gave great care and attention to the foods they chose to eat.Then after work, sometimes I would go t

All the Reasons Pets Are Good for You

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By: Jess Novak Credit: ShutterstockOwning a pet is one of the few experiences that can make you amenable to receiving a slobbery kiss from an animal that also licks its butt. Pets are funny, they're sweet, and if they're cute enough, you might just be able to make a killing on them by turning them into YouTube stars.But not everybody sees the innat

How Edward Norton, Humans of New York, and craigconnects are Supporting Syrian Refugees

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Folks, I know many of you follow Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York (HONY) initiative. Brandon returned from a trip to Jordan and Turkey, where he interviewed twelve Syrian families that will be living in the U.S. These families have been through a lot of hardship. Since Friday night my team and I have been working with Crowdrise to raise money t

Self-Esteem for Better Mental Health

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Hope, Prayer and Spirituality Improve Self-Esteem According to social scientist Albert Bandura, self-efficacy is one's belief in his or her capability to execute behaviors, and control one's motivation, which reflects confidence. Self-esteem has been defined by Merriam-Webster as "a confidence and satisfaction in oneself", while Psychology Today s

Celebrity Trainer Ehinomen Ehikhamenor Joins President Obama's MBK Initiative Alongside the SBA and Mike Muse

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Mike Muse the MBK Millennial Entrepreneurs Champion, in partnership with the SBA, recently unveiled the third episode of the My Brother's Keeper Millennial Entrepreneurs Video Series. Its all part of President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative led by Muse called Biz My Way. In the series, six entrepreneurs reveal the innermost truths about the

Burning the Candle at Both Ends (and the Middle)

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Why you can do anything but not everythingIn typical high-achieving, life-loving, endlessly-enthusiastic Type A style, I like to keep myself extraordinarily busy. High school and university included four instruments, five sports, three languages, six exchanges, an honous thesis, volunteering and casual work. I began my professional life as a corpor

Embracing Inclusion, Defeating Hate: The National Immigrant Integration Conference Ignites Conversations around Integration

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This last month has been a difficult one for America. With the terrible attacks in Paris on November 13th and in the wake of the tragic San Bernardino, California shooting, we have seen dozens of American politicians try and score cheap political points by scapegoating Syrian refugees and other immigrants, and openly targeting Muslims through broa

Mistakes You're Making at the Doctor, According to Doctors

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By: Marina Komarovsky Credit: Flickr/Alex ProimosGoing to the doctor probably isn't on your list of hobbies, but since there's virtually a 100% chance you'll end up in a physician's office at some point in your life, you might as well make the most of your time there. But once you've made an appointment, left work, and read National Geographic maga

When You Love a Woman With Type 1 Diabetes

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I know a lot of women with Type 1 diabetes. Some are friends, colleagues, peers and some are women, young and old, whose paths have crossed with mine at different times for different reasons. And even though each and every one of us are different in the way we view, experience and react to our Type 1 diabetes, I typically find that, when we first d

The Medical Harms of Abortion Restrictions

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Source: Debra SweetEnacted under the pretense of greater safety for women, oppressive abortion regulations are having a paradoxical effect: endangering American women. Few abortion opponents have the candor to admit the real goal of this epidemic of state legislation. They hope to make safe, legal abortion inaccessible and thus drive women into

Tallying the Successes of Medicaid Expansion

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With threats to health reform and its Medicaid expansion continuing to loom, it's worth looking at some of the successes that such an effort would endanger.  Specifically, the 30 states and the District of Columbia that have expanded Medicaid under health reform have realized big drops in their uninsurance rates and substantial budget savings,

Holiday Fitness Flight Plan

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Here is a list of things that used to scare me:Airplane turbulence. Terrorist threats. Not being able to locate my kids when they don't text me back. Swimming in deep water. Mannequins. Frogs.Now? I am not so afraid anymore, not of those things anyway. If the plane rocks, I just remind myself that I've had a great life so far. If the code goes to o

Holiday Eating Strategies

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Every holiday season I used to gain five to ten pounds. The indulgences were everywhere: gift baskets at the office, parties, family gatherings and to top it off New Years!Afterwards, I would feel angry and disappointed with myself for my lack of self-control. It would take me months, if not the whole year, to get the extra pounds off. There were t

This Is The Secret To Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

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By John Jannuzzi for GQ. (Getty Images)The Secret to Keeping Your New Year's Resolution? Start Today... and Don't Tell Anyone.We've arrived at that month where the finality of 2015 is suddenly a reality. Now that we're in the last twelfth of the year, all the things you did, the things you didn't do, and the things you wish you'd done and/or hadn't

Pulling an All-Nighter Is Worse Than Six Months of Unhealthy Eating

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By Samuel Blackstone for DETAILS. (Getty Images)Health pieces tend to focus predominately on exercise and diet. Whether it's the best exercises for a rock hard butt, the perfect V-lines, or an explainer on organic foods and the difference between a cage-free egg and free-range egg, the topics are exhaustively covered. But what about sleep, the thin

Morning, Noon or Night: When Is the Best Time to Break a Sweat?

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When it comes to working out, timing is everything. In fact, health experts say choosing between a 6 a.m. run and a 7 p.m. spin class can make a huge difference for your fitness goals. So, when is the best time of day to work out? That's where things get complicated. Just as your weight fluctuates, so do opinions on the best time of day to exercise

Science Explains...When You Should and Shouldn't Trust Your Brain

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This article originally appeared on Inverse.By Sarah SloatAdvice is usually boiled down to regurgitations of the idea that you are the best judge. Follow your heart, trust your gut, to thine own self be true -- all utterances that essentially say, hey, what you're feeling and what you're thinking is probably all the data you need to make a good dec

Revolutionizing Better Health for 'Every Women Every Child'

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Mothers in northern Kenya with their children at a free medical clinic - photo credit Islamic ReliefThis article has been co-authored with Ms Ruth Kagia, Dr. Gandham N.V. Ramana and Dr Dessislava Dimitrova, Kenya is one of the countries where maternal health is still lagging far behind. It is ranked among the 10 most dangerous countries for a wom

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Discussing Mental Health With Men

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After several years of psychiatry residency I felt pretty comfortable doing group therapy sessions. Whether depressed, manic, or psychotic -- most patients could benefit from "Dr Phil's" budding expertise. Some colleagues caught wind of this and asked me to facilitate a group discussion with people outside of the mental health system. Leading a

Try This One Thing Before Assuming You Have a Sleep Disorder

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Many of us wake up feeling unrested in the morning. This can sometimes affect the entire day, impairing our relationships, functioning at work, and even our feelings of self-worth. What we do not always recognize is that this could be a sign of a serious problem that could affect our health long-term. Many of us ignore the problem as the day goes o

How a Trip to the Dentist Illustrates America's Healthcare Problems

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Dear Dr. XXX:I wanted to bring to your attention my recent experience at one of your offices. As a fellow business owner, I would want to know when one of my customers had a bad experience since transparency and feedback are great remedies. In that spirit I wanted share my recent experience at your office. I am not sure whether it was your team'

CBO: Senate-Passed Budget Bill Would Reverse Almost All of Health Reform's Coverage Gains

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The Senate-passed budget reconciliation bill would boost the number of uninsured Americans by at least 22 million starting in 2018, relative to current law, according to preliminary Congressional Budget Office (CBO) coverage estimates (see chart).  Thus, virtually all (at least 92 percent) of the historic health coverage gains that CBO expects

That Beer Belly May Actually Be Killing You

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By Anna Breslaw for GQ.(photo: Getty Images)Research is a beautiful thing. It cures disease. It sent us to the moon. It determined the color that looks good on everyone. But research can also be alarming. For instance, a bunch of people with several letters after their names (specifically MD's and PhD's) recently got together to study how weight af

A Proposed Sea Change in Medical School Admissions: Humanism Was Lost With the Rise of Technology, But It's Time to Get It Back

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It's that time of year when future doctors are applying to medical schools. More than ever, the prevailing wisdom of selecting students from the top of their classes, with the best scholastic grades and highest standardized test scores, is being challenged. But the public cry for more humanistic and compassionate care is lost when admissions commit

Ketamine, global health, and why China's push to pass international legislation will endanger millions of patients

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On 9th-11th December 2015 the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) will meet in Vienna to discuss changes to the scope of control of substances and whether or not ketamine should be restricted internationally. This push for policy change stems from the illicit production and abuse of ketamine in China.Many people would assume that's a

New Film on VMMC Sparks Creative Call for HIV Prevention

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of the film's funders and/or partners. Fid Q, Kiswahili narrator for "It's About the People", engages young men through hip hop.'Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter' - African proverb.This is a quote I learned from a young spoken wo

How I Choose Happiness

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For the longest, I didn't see the light. I only saw the dark, the shadows. I was lost in the forest.I struggled with chronic headaches, depression, self-hate, chronic muscle pains, eating disorders, trauma from being abused growing up, and so on. I desperately wanted to heal. I just wanted to be happy, healthy and free.I wanted happiness, health an

Heal Your Own Healthcare; It's Your Only Option

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Two weeks ago my latest book "Don't Let Your Doctor Kill You" was published. My goal in writing the book was two fold:To raise awareness to the biggest offenders in our broken health care system; the overarching physician arrogance and indifference toward the patient, the greed and corruption of insurance and pharmaceutical companies, interested on

Final Blow to the Paleo

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I have watched as the "Paleo" movement gained popularity, inspiring people to eat an enormous and ridiculous amount of meat. The premise behind this misguided trend is simplistic at best. They claim health problems exploded as a result of people eating crop foods that became popular as agriculture took hold. From their perspective, humans have not

Don't Use Weight As a Weapon

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Weight is front and center in America today, but perspectives vary according to context, knowledge, experience and yes, compassion. There are many angles to the issue and I'm pretty sure, that just about everyone who is overweight knows these factors intimately. We know our reality and our risks, and we know how hard these issues are to manage -- a

This Sunny Yellow Face Mask Harnesses a Seriously Powerful Ingredient

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Photo Credit: Alicia Cho, Thrive MarketBy Dana Poblete for Thrive MarketFor thousands of years, Indian brides have traditionally used a special concoction from head to toe on the eve of their wedding to get skin glowing for their big day.The sheer vibrancy of this liquid gold is almost enough to make a believer of anyone doubting the powers of thi

Outrage of the Month: Our Broken System for Protecting Human Research Subjects

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Read more in Public Citizen's December Health LetterFrom 1946 to 1948, the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) conducted highly unethical medical research in Guatemala (1). Some of the research involved deliberately infecting people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as syphilis and gonorrhea, without their consent (2). In 2011, the P

Climate Change This Week: Breaking Clean Energy Barriers, A Hot Year, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.Forests: the cheapest way to store carbon Forests Store Both Carbon and Biodiversity like this Asian cup moth caterpillar. Source When we harm forests, we harm ourselves.OO US Forests Will Store Less Carbon As Growth Is Cancelled By Losses due to pests, wildfires and dro

My Choice to Live: Part V

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Jay Michael continues his story about living with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Read his previous posts in "My Choice to Live: Part I," "Part II," "Part III," and "Part IV".Three months into my intense chemo, it was time for my PET scan to see how the cancer reacted to all the brutal treatments. Obviously, I was nervous as hell awaiting the results.

Why I Hate the Typical Approach to Health (And What We're Doing Differently)

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I'm sitting here at my kitchen table after spending the last 24 hours bouncing across the country (hopping from Portland to Chicago to Cincinnati on a long day of travel). It was a day of modern adventure filled with taxis and planes and cars with dead batteries.In other words, I've had a lot of time to think today....and I've been thinking about y

I've a Few Reasons to Be Thankful But I Am

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I see it; that look on people's faces when I limp by that lets me know I am being pitied. A few times, people have actually asked me, a stranger, why I walk with difficulty. I always answer. I say, "I'm not drunk or anything just more sick than I appear with an autoimmune disease."I struggle to work as regularly as I can because there I'm treated l

Your Latte-A-Day Habit Might Be the Secret to a Long Life

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by Hanna Howard, Teen VogueGood news, friends. That Starbucks addiction (don't lie to us, we know it's real) might actually be good for your health.According to a new study in the journal Circulation, people who drink coffee regularly (that's one to five cups daily) have a lower risk of death when compared to those who don't drink coffee. Over 200,

Climate Change This Week: One Degree Closer to Catastrophe, the Clean Surge, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. @@ Way Cool! Nematocampa Forest Caterpillar Shoots Out Tentacles when disturbed by sound - this one recently discovered in the Peruvian Amazon, but this type of caterpillar also occurs in North America. When we threaten forests, we threaten ourselves.OO Deforestation Threatens Ov

Should You Avoid Saturated Fats This Thanksgiving?

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Several months ago, colleagues and I published a journal article on nutrition myths and dietary advice. The journal recently received a letter to the editor regarding our article; its author questioned our handling of saturated fats. We have already submitted a formal response to the journal. But given the glacial pace of academic publishing, it wi

Sleeping Giants

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In 2005, the U.S. Olympic Committee, in consultation with sleep expert Mark Rosekind, upgraded the rooms at its Colorado Springs training center. The renovation consisted of better mattresses, blackout curtains, and encouragement for the athletes to aim for nine or ten hours of sleep. And many have taken the advice to heart. 'Sleep is huge in my sp

Biofield Science and Healing: An Emerging Frontier in Health and Medicine

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Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP, Shamini Jain, Ph.D, David Muehsam, Ph.D., Richard Hammerschlag, Ph.D., John Ives, Ph.D., Wayne Jonas, M.D., Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D., Daniel Vicario, M.D; Rauni Pritten King, RN, MIH, CHTPI, & Erminia Guarneri, M.D., FACC We live in an age of unparalleled technological and scientific progress, juxtaposed with a cascading a

How your genes influence what medicines are right for you

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Julie A Johnson, University of FloridaYou have a headache. Do you reach for Tylenol or Advil? Most people have a preference because they have learned over time that one works better than the other at relieving their pain. This type of variability from person to person is true for nearly every medication, whether it requires a prescription or can b

Are We All Insane?

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The Tao Master raised his cup of green tea to eye level, its handle facing me. "What do you see?" he asked. "A tea cup and its handle," I replied. "You're wrong," he said. "This is a tea cup with no handle." Everybody Believes That Their Own Point of View is CorrectIt's an empirical statement in the least, probably a bit dull and tea cuppy. Howe

Supporting Your Most Valuable Asset

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Finding balance and keeping your health and overall wellness a priority. This is a topic that is being talked about often. There is an increase in dual income households which has working parents looking for ways to balance being a great employee and being a great parent, all while taking care of themselves so that they can give work and family the

Emerging Crisis for Seniors: It's Probably Not What You Think

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As November is National Caregiver Month, I wanted to shine a light on a topic that caregivers and their loved ones are facing at increasing rates, but that very few people are talking about in public - senior malnutrition.The sheer number of malnourished elderly adults is truly staggering. One in three patients who are admitted to the hospital are

Why Would I Be Low in Vitamin D?

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My doctors and I test blood levels of vitamin D on everyone we see in our clinic. When the results come in, two things happen:1. Pretty much everyone is low in vitamin D.2. Pretty much everyone is shocked that they are low in vitamin D.Why worry about vitamin D?It's important. Multiple studies have shown that people with low levels of Vitamin D hav

The Secret Sauce to Savoring the Holidays

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The Secret Sauce to Savoring the Holidays for Busy People by Debbie Lyn Toomey Speaker, Author, TrainerHow many times have you heard yourself or others say any of these statements recently? "I cannot believe the holidays are here already!" "What can I do this year so that I can enjoy myself for a change?" "How am I going to get all my work done

In A World Short on Toilets, WHP Focuses on Preventing and Treating the Health Consequences

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Globally, 2.4 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation, like a basic toilet. Over 660 million people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. For many people in the developed world, it may hard to imagine how you live without a toilet or a sink. I challenge you to pretend for a day, even half a day, that there are no use

Three Most Important Steps To Help Someone In A Health Crisis

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Photo: This image is of my grandfather's hand and my nephew's hand, reaching for each other and holding each other.Many people write me, asking about how to respond to someone who is diagnosed with a serious illness. People often want very badly to say or do the "right" thing. So much so, that they often feel overwhelmed, and ultimately, end up sa

Early Detection Key to Fighting Breast Cancer and Planned Parenthood Can Help

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Peggie Jimenez is a prime example of a thriving Latina who is a survivor of breast cancer. At the age of 16 she started visiting Planned Parenthood where she was educated on breast cancer and how to perform self exams. Years later, at age 34, she discovered something was wrong. "Since I had been doing self-exams regularly for years, thanks to the e

Moving Beyond Queer Health Stereotypes

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"Epic fail," my friend texted me Thursday. I clicked on the attached link to see what he was talking about. Oh. Washington Post had published a story, Who still smokes in the United States -- in seven simple charts, and in it they decided to ignore one point from the original study -- the numbers showing LGB people smoke at rates over 40 percent hi

Are You Putting Too Much Fuel In?

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There is so much in the news on the growing problem of obesity and an unfit population in many parts of the world, and everyone has an opinion on what to do about it. Sugar taxes, a ban on junk food, get more exercise, eat Paleo or gluten free, eat five serves of fruit and vegetables a day, and on and on it goes. For me, it's a simple problem: to

Why Can't We Eliminate Gender-Based Violence?

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That figure includes an estimated 15 percent of the male population of the world: where there are the abused there also are the abusers. Men's harmful contribution is often left unfocused or unmentioned, making it easier to distance ourselves from the reality many women face on a daily basis. The avoidance of a comprehensive gender-based violence

No Governor, Privatization Is Not Modernization

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As America's heartland prepares for another frigid winter, low-income families in Iowa are also bracing for a significant change. That's because private companies are scheduled to take over management of the state's Medicaid program the first of the new year, a shift Iowa's governor is calling "modernization."Governor Terry Branstad says that conce

Can Fitness Really Be Fun?

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This seems to be the eternal question of the patron dabbling with the idea of buying into that big idea that is fitness. We know that exercise is essential, in one form or another, to living a healthier life. I don't need to give you a recap on the decades of evidence that real scientists have compiled in exercise science. Yet, why do people avoi

Being 60

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There are so many articles, websites, videos, etc., on how to look our best as we age. Celebrities endorse products and we believe every word as they line their pockets with our money. They sell books after their ghost writers type every page. For many years, I had been less than truthful about my age. I felt embarrassed, fearful and almost ashamed

Smarter Snacks for Healthier Students

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Let's face it - with our hectic college schedules running between classes, meetings, and office hours, it's difficult to carve out the time to sit down for a proper meal - which is where being prepared with healthy snacks can be a savior.It's a smart idea to carry snacks around with you to ensure you never reach the state of being "hangry," becomin

Accountability and Collective Action -- Forging New Partnerships for the Future of Women, Children and Adolescents

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This blog was jointly written by Dr Flavia Bustreo, (Assistant Director General, Family and Women's Health, WHO) and Jane Thomason, (Chief Executive Office, AbtJTA)As we get closer to the end of 2015, we think back to the end of September in New York and the buzz around the new bold development agenda. At the General-Assembly, 193 governments adopt

After Paris, Is Waging Love Naive?

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I think the world has changed after the attacks in Paris. And as a health-care practitioner with cancer patients in my practice, I take a medical view of this assault on our world and how it might be healed.I''m also a New Yorker. My family and I lived in downtown Manhattan during September 11th and I'll never forget the fear and confusion we fel

Runners Make Pilgrimage to Thanksgiving Races

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Thanksgiving is the most popular race day of the year in the USA. Runners of all ages and abilities line up around the country at local Turkey Trots, Wobble Gobbles, Feasters, and Pie Runs. For many runners (and their accommodating family members), a Thanksgiving race is a great excuse to get out and play before a long day spent sitting around the

What Foreigners Believe Is Wrong About America

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The echo from most parts of the world is that "America is a country with the very best and the very worst." This article is about the very worst.Egos. Nobody can't understand the selfish philosophy in America, why a young person or for example an unfortunate lady with a bad start in life is less valued than any others. Many people ask why there mus

I'll Start Working Out Tomorrow

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Tomorrow.No, that is not the hip hop rival of The Weeknd, that's the line our fat asses have used every time we try to convince ourselves that we will get in shape and start eating green things. It would be pretty great to wear form-fitting, stylish clothes without your cheese-filled gut popping over your screaming belt, wouldn't it? But you know w

Germs on a Plane! It Pays to Be a Total Hypochondriac

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I think morphing into germaphobe is just something that comes with the territory... the territory of an airplane.I'm generally pretty relaxed (though mindful!) about things like general germ-y grossness and even environmental health dangers on the ground but I go to greater lengths to protect myself when flying. Recycled air is the p

No Gym, No Problem: Training Outside the Box

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Trouble making it to the gym? Missed group power class? Forgot today was spin? It has happened to all of us. Trust me, if I had a dollar for all the things I've forgotten to set my timer for in life, I would be sipping on a cocktail in Tahiti where I'm sure clocks are irrelevant. For some of us, when we miss an exercise class or have found ours

Junk Food: From Confusion to Clear and Simple Truth

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I was somewhat startled, and quite concerned, to learn directly from the source while sipping coffee together, that my wife was confused by the latest study on junk food, generating headlines such as: "Junk Food Not to Blame for America's Obesity Epidemic." I was startled because my wife, an expert cook and mother of 5, has become very knowledgeabl

The Digital Side of Therapy

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By Emily Giunta, dailyRx NewsWeb counseling is an easily accessible and affordable mental health tool. And new evidence suggests it's effective, too.A new study from Canada found that online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) combined with clinical care may benefit patients with depression, anxiety and illness-related emotional distress more than t

Moms, No Time for a Workout Today? Try This

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I know you're busy. I know that because you're a mom with kids to take care of, people to feed, a house to clean, possibly a job to go to, laundry to do, errands to run, the list list goes on. Sometimes we don't have time to schedule a workout.While I love going to the gym and lifting heavy weights, I can only get there about twice per week at this

How to Partner With Your Health Care Provider

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No one likes being told what to do. We all want a say in any decision that affects us. Health care isn't any different. The odds of adhering to a plan of care are greatly enhanced when you partner with your health care provider to formulate the plan. The idea is simple and it's called patient-centered care. The notion has been in existence for almo

The Internet: An Opportunity for Sustainable Development

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The greatest challenge facing the world today is the need to achieve sustainable development--development that will bring economic and social progress to all without harming the future of our planet. This week in Brazil at the 10th Internet Governance Forum meeting, the Internet Society is calling on the global Internet community to act now to unlo

Pregnant Woman Walking (and Other Mystifying Acts)

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There's no doubt about it: I'm ready to pop. The thought of, "Is she really in there?" has completely subsided and has been replaced with the inevitable juxtaposition of, "When the hell is she coming out?" Within the span of a month, my wife and I have gone to a wedding, a funeral and now, soon, a birth -- our own daughter. The circle of life is c

The Benefits of Bipartisianship

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Since its inception, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has been a beacon of bipartisanship. Launched by President Bush in 2003, expanded by President Obama, and supported by substantial, bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress, PEPFAR has saved and improved millions of lives -- and helped to change the trajectory

Busy Woman's Guide: What You're Not Being Told About Mammograms

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Photo credit: monkeybusinessimages/ThinkstockLast month, the American Cancer Society (ACS) released a new set of guidelines for breast cancer screening. This left many of us with more questions -- now six different groups recommend three different ages to start screening. The choice of when to start is further encouraged to be a woman's personal d

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Specialists: The Time Is Now

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During the time it takes to read this article two people will suffer a heart attack. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease strikes someone in the United States every 43 seconds and 735, 000 Americans have a heart attack every year. Of those, about 120,000 will die. To put a face to those numbers, think of the "Big House" in Ann

A Professional Strength Coach On When It's Safe For Your Kid To Lift Weights

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This story originally appeared on Fatherly:Maybe your kid wants to dominate the playground or get a jumpstart on your dream of them becoming a pro athlete. (Your dream? Their dream. Definitely their dream.) Maybe they just don't want to inherit your dadbod. Whatever their reason for trying to get big and strong, the whole "Just eat your vegetables"

Everything You Need to Know About Not Getting Sick This Winter

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By: Nicholas Knock Credit: Flickr/Hernán PiñeraWinter: it's the worst! Not only are you cooped up inside, but you're stuck there fighting some vague illness, eating too much food, drinking lots of booze, and stressing over end-of-year family time. Winter is basically designed to make you feel like crap.To find out the best way to make it through

Climate Change This Week: The Chocolate Connection, Faltering Forests, a Solar Alliance, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.Forests: the cheapest way to store carbon What We Lose when the forests of Asia burn include the jeweled flower mantis... say, are those happy faces on its wings? Source pinterest When we harm forests, we harm ourselves.OO Indonesia: Forest Fires Take Toll On Wildlife, Agriculture, Eco

This Is What It's Like To Have A Stroke At 44

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By Kristen Domonell, (Photo: Courtesy of Jill Stein)Jill Stein thought she was too young and healthy to be having a stroke. She was wrong. This is her story. People can't believe it when I tell them I'm recovering from a stroke. After all, I'm only 44, I eat well and exercise, and I don't smoke or have a single stroke risk factor.

Infectious Diseases Are More Closely Linked to Sex and Gender Than We Think

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By Liliana Losada Brown, PhD, Associate Director, Scientific Programs at SWHRDid you know that more women get sick from salmonella than men [1]? Or that men are more likely to develop staph infections [2]? These are just two examples of the many infectious diseases that impact women and men differently [3]. Even though a new wave of research on the

What Really Happens When You Swallow Gum, According to a Doctor

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By: Liz Newman Credit: ShuttershockMost people have been fed a raft of urban legends about all the bad things that happen when you swallow gum. I should have a chewing gum tree the size of a sequoia inside of me by now, according to such stories.To finally get to the bottom of some of the myths about what happens when your gum winds up going all th

Day 1 Faith and Science Series Part 7: Numbering Our Days -- Dr. Tom Long on Life and Death

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"Teach us to number our days," prays the psalmist in Psalm 90, "that we may gain a wise heart." But what does it mean "to number our days"? And how do we do that wisely in this age of medical science?Those are questions addressed in this week's Day1 radio program--the 7th in our "Faith & Science in the 21st Century" series. The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. L

How You Can Change but My Dad Probably Won't

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The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is what gets my dad through the endless days welding sugarcane harvesters. That's what everybody calls the beer down the pub. Never up the pub, always down the pub. On weekends he tinkers with great hunks of metal then checks in on his mates down the pub. Thoroughly.The pub is located next to the post offic

Exercises That Fitness Trainers Would Never Do

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Regardless of your current fitness level, everyone has been in the position of not knowing what to do in the gym. Wandering among the machines, free weights and other more experienced gym-goers, maybe you chose a piece of equipment at random and started doing your interpretation of what you thought the exercise should look like. Chances are your fo

Who Is WHO kidding? An Analysis of the Silliness in the Press Over the Recent Warnings About Eating Meat

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"Food anxiety will probably kill you faster than anything you can eat." MeatheadOn October 26, 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that processed meat was to be classified as Group 1, "carcinogenic to humans", and red meat was classified as Group 2A, "probably carcinogenic to humans".The report is problematic and extensive mainstream

Confidentiality Is Key: To Reduce Teen Pregnancy, the U.S. Must Ban Parental Notification Laws for Contraception

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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported last week that the state's teen pregnancy rate was cut in half from 2009 to 2014 thanks to a program called the Colorado Family Planning Initiative. The results of this program - which gives teens and young women unrestricted access to effective birth control - are unequivocal. There

Your Health Is Not Something to Be Earned

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Actress and singer Selena Gomez recently revealed that she underwent chemotherapy for Lupus, which is the same treatment that I endured in 2010. My personal journey in pursuit of wellness has been, and continues to be, long and arduous. In my pre-teen years, I began having uncontrollable nose bleeds that would last for hours coupled with shooting

The Great British Sleep Survey

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As the Great British Sleep Survey found, poor sleepers are seven times more likely to feel helpless and five times more likely to feel alone. These are consequences that can impact everything from our relationships and our ability to focus to our health. -- Arianna Huffington, ThriveThe survey also found that the top five physical factors that affe

The Mammogram Debate: Five Important Things You Should Know

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Maybe it's the Girl Scout in me, but I always like to be prepared. So when I went to my doctor recently for a routine mammogram, I came armed with the latest statistics. "Why am I coming in here every year for a mammogram, if cancer doesn't run in my family?" I asked her. "Furthermore, I've read that if you've been having mammograms for more than t

Red Wine Benefits for Those With Diabetes

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  Do you have diabetes? Then you may benefit from drinking a glass of red wine and not even know it.A new study from researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev shows that drinking a glass of red wine every night can help those with type 2 diabetes to not only manage their cholesterol but their cardiac health as well.The study also shows

You Get What You Pay for: a Look at Transitioning From Volume to Value

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If the U.S. auto industry ran like the country's health care system, all American cars would cost in excess of $100,000, resemble Rube Goldberg machines and break down more than any other cars in the world.The outcry would dwarf the recent scandal over Volkswagen's emissions software. Yet in the health care industry today, Americans accept a system

Medical Misdiagnosis Nearly Killed Me

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My mouth hung agape as I watched a doctor on Good Morning America point out that medical misdiagnosis is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., killing about 400 thousand people each year. I know, firsthand, that this is true because it almost claimed my life. I live in the body of a senior citizen, even though I am just over 40 years old.

What Your Gym Attire Tells Me About Your Life

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Co-authored by Ali Brasky, actress, comedian, and contributor at AvelistSandals of any fashion You are lost and eligible for free lunch at the senior center. You thought you were going to pick up your cousin from the airport. Oh look, a seat. Cool, this chair has moving parts. You are working out -- not correctly or efficiently. More important tha

No, Bacon Won't Kill You

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The hysteria surrounding the headlines last week declaring bacon a carcinogen -- comparing its consumption to the risks of smoking cigarettes -- has calmed down a bit. And that's good because the media hype with headlines like, "Processed Meats Rank Alongside Smoking as Cancer Causes -- WHO" is largely just that, hype. While the World Health Organi

On Making Time for Wellness

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"Health and wellness" is something we all want at some level. But when push comes to shove, it's easy to prioritize everything else over it-work, social time, "down time" in front of the TV or browsing the Internet. The intention is good, but something gets in the way of acting on it.Of course, in order to actually reap the benefits of our intended

Brand New CrossFit Man

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"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win." -Pre

Boost Your Morning Workout When Daylight Savings Time Ends

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Daylight Savings Time changes, both in the spring and in the fall, and it's a great time to switch up your workout, much in the same way that many people switch their smoke alarm batteries.The Fall Back; where we gain one hour, is an especially opportune time to add or change your morning exercise plan. If you are like me, you'll wake up next Monda

What Is a Healthy Marriage?

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In yesterday's New York Times, Tara Parker-Pope wrote about a study on marriage and whether it is healthier to be married than single. There is a well-established notion that married people are generally healthier than their unmarried counterparts. But a study out of Brigham Young University sought to delve deeper into the issue, asking whether i

Are #HayleysIUD and #ShoutYourAbortion the Next Phase of the Sexual Revolution?

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What prompts a young woman to shout her abortion or live tweet her IUD insertion? The most lasting effect of the smear campaign against Planned Parenthood may be this: Young women are done -- beyond done -- with being shamed for the fact that they are sexual beings, with sexual bodies that have tits and asses and twats and vaginas and uteruses.They

Transhumanism Political Party Reaches First Birthday

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Transhumanist Party Rally in San Francisco -- Photo by Lisa MemmelOn October 7th, 2015, the Transhumanist Party reached its first birthday. Started as way to introduce forward thinking and futurist politics into government, the party has caught on around the world and now has over a dozen national parties. The motto of the Transhumanist Party in A

Optimizing Outcomes for Women's Health Care: A Conversation With NOW President Terry O'Neill

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Women have always stood at the forefront of advocating for their health. By understanding how women's health care issues affect the working world, we can begin to address the coverage inequalities that persist. I sat down with my colleague NOW President Terry O'Neill to discuss the challenges facing women today when it comes to healthcare, and the

The 10 Unhealthiest Halloween Candies

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Halloween candies contain a variety of artificial, processed, unnatural ingredients. This is our list of the 10 worst offenders. Photo Credit: From hydrogenated oils to corn syrup to artificial coloring, many candies contain more processed ingredients than not. Beating out Easter and Valentine's Day, Halloween is the biggest candy-selli

The Clean Power Plan Helps Improve Climate Quality Standards for Communities of Color

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Ever since President Obama presented the final version of the Clean Power Plan in August, we've seen coal- and gas-heavy states try to stop this badly needed effort in its tracks. As recently as Oct. 13, North Dakota's attorney general told a conference panel that he's preparing a lawsuit to block the program even as the state environment agency ge

NYC Students Deserve Comprehensive, Inclusive Sex Education

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Originally published in City Limits on October 27, 2015. Respect. Inclusivity. Empowerment. Communication. These are the words that should come to mind when you think of sexuality education. But unfortunately, for many New York City students and high school graduates, these words are far from how they remember their sex education experience. Instea

Here's How to Prevent a Cold, Says Science

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Welcome to cold season. Here's how to keep it from besting you. By Courtney Balestier, Allure (Photo: Romulo A Yanes)We've hit the time of year when the people around us stop being our friends, neighbors, and colleagues and turn into walking disease vectors. Sitting too close to a sneezing coworker could mean a week of headaches, mouth-breathing,

How I Learned to Love Running, One Race at a Time

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If you had asked me a year ago if I would do a running race of any distance - 5K, 10K, or even a half marathon - I would have immediately brushed it off and said, "No, I hate running."Although I am somewhat of a "veteran racer" and have participated and won numerous obstacle races, including Rugged Maniac, RAID New York, and City Challenge, the id

Redefining Mental Illness

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Like most things in life, particularly those with a scientific dimension, we have developed a complex classification system to define various forms of mental illness. These deviations from the norm or average typically result in some notable unsatisfactory condition or result, such as emotional pain or inability to fully particulate in regular acti

This Habit Will Change Your Life

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What if there was one habit that could achieve all of the following:Not to mention strengthen your cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure, regulate glucose levels, reduce obesity, boost your immune system, and fortify your bones.If one habit could do all of this, would you build it into your lifestyle?It turns out that this habit does exist, a

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer information has never been more widespread, but knowing how to separate fact from fiction isn't easy. So we were thrilled to haveDr. Elisa Port on the show with us. Dr. Port is director of the Dubin Breast Center, and, as a surgeon, performs more than 3 00 operations a year. She just released The New Generation Breast Cancer Book, a g

An Expert Opinion On What The American Cancer Society Said About Mammograms

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Breast cancer information has never been more widespread, but knowing how to separate fact from fiction isn't easy. So we were thrilled to haveDr. Elisa Port on the show with us. Dr. Port is director of the Dubin Breast Center, and, as a surgeon, performs more than 3 00 operations a year. She just released The New Generation Breast Cancer Book, a g

Regular Sleep Helps Us Exercise Better

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Many of us know that regular exercise helps us sleep better, but what I discovered is that it's a two-way street. Regular sleep also helps us exercise better. It's a truth that I felt, quite literally, in my bones, and that has been borne out by science. According to a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine by researchers from North

How Do You Know If You Should Get Tested For BRCA1 or BRCA2 Genes?

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Breast cancer information has never been more widespread, but knowing how to separate fact from fiction isn't easy. So we were thrilled to haveDr. Elisa Port on the show with us. Dr. Port is director of the Dubin Breast Center, and, as a surgeon, performs more than 3 00 operations a year. She just released The New Generation Breast Cancer Book, a g

Top 5 Problems Facing Baby Boomers

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Many baby boomers, that group referring to post World War II born approximately between the years 1946-1964, has the lowest rate of poverty among all age groups according to the Census Bureau. For an entire generation born during a time of post-war national prosperity, this generation was the promise to help build the country. They were also the g

Staying Fit This Fall Season

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The fall may be my favorite season of the year. The weather is warm during the day and nights are crisp. The foliage paints a beautiful backdrop for the already pristine landscapes. There is a sense of quiet in the air when a light breeze whispers through the trees on a sunny autumn morning. And let me not forget the awesome power that is NFL f

Unite to Face Addiction Highlights Treatment and Recovery Needs

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A few weeks ago, I flew out to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Unite to Face Addiction concert. Tens of thousands of people were there, and it was incredible to see how many people's lives have been touched by addiction. It was even more incredible to see how many people are recognizing addiction as a disease.The tribute itself was so amazin

Unlock Brain Potential to Protect Against Decline

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Our brain is probably the most neglected, abused and poorly understood organ of our entire body. While sports concussions and Alzheimer's awareness are at an all-time high, many of us fail to protect our brain from potentially reversible decline. The No. 1 cause of cognitive decline is not the 13 percent of us who will develop Alzheimer's disease n

Cheerleading: A Major Cause of Brain Injuries

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Competitive cheerleading is one of the toughest -- and most dangerous -- sports in the nation. Despite the ingrained image of pretty girls in movies wearing sweaters and short skirts waving pom-poms, the modern cheerleader couldn't be further from this stereotype.Cheerleading has far evolved from its wholesome, but outdated image. Today's cheerlead

Do Carbs Make You Sad?

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We all know that a diet full of white bread and pasta is bad for our waistline. It's the reason grown men and women cry out, "No thank you!" and shake their heads like whirling dervishes whenever an innocent waiter approaches with a breadbasket. This may sound like an overreaction but a new study shows that white bread could be even worse than we t

In Living Color: My Pinktober Story

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PINKtober is a time when my favorite color reigns in its soft light. A great time to share my experiences and other women's I look up to. But pink isn't just a color, it is who I am and coincides with my personality: delicate, bubbly, full of life! There isn't a better color to represent breast cancer awareness in its femininity. A feel a day keeps

Management and Our Emotional Lives

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Living in the same neighborhood, the upper west side of Manhattan, for several decades, I've witnessed many restaurants and businesses come and go. Many endeavors begin with energy, verve and excitement. Then some businesses seem to lose their initial burst of enthusiasm. This observation motivated me to ask what factors/qualities distinguish succe

Pinktober: 3 Fashion Brands Giving Back

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It's about time to trade our runway vanity for some conscious shopping. Fashion weeks from New York to Paris are officially over! Until we can flaunt Spring/Summer 2016 designs, how about warming up our Fall wardrobe with a splash of pink to raise awareness and support breast cancer research ? Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel and @asksissi"Pinktober" is

Take 15: How Just 15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

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The No. 1 excuse people give for not making time for their health and well-being is "I DON'T HAVE TIME." While some people have less free time than others, that statement is still 100% bogus. Let's face it; you make time for the things you value. So when you make that statement, you are saying NO I don't value myself, instead whatever is monopolizi

No More Hiding. Be Seen. Be Bold.

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As I walk down the school hallway, an acquaintance joyfully says hi to me. I peer up from looking at the ground; entranced from watching my feet move one step in front of the other, I didn't even process that someone was speaking to me. I catch a glimpse of who says hi to me, quickly say hi back, and then go right back to watching my feet. That

Fighting Aging and HIV at Every Corner: My Bike Maine Adventure

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Sunlight began to filter through my tent. It was 5:30 am. The grass was wet with dew. The air damp and nippy. And all around me was the noise of other cyclists beginning to stir. Welcome to Bike Maine 2014. What was I doing here?Three months before, I turned 70; I was entering my 5th year of being HIV+. My doctor had just told me that based on my

Five Ways to Make Universal Access to Family Planning a Reality

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World leaders recently ratified the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which set 169 ambitious targets to be achieved by 2030. Reaching these goals would greatly improve the lives of people worldwide. Women and girls have much to gain, especially because two of the targets call for ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health services

What We All Can Learn From Lamar Odom's Tragedy

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As an addiction psychiatry fellow I work with a diverse cross-section of our community that suffers from substance abuse. Every day I see the personal damage caused by alcoholism and drug addiction and work with patients and their families to pick up the pieces and turn their lives in a better direction. When celebrities suffer from addictions and

Is Lyme Disease the New AIDS? What You Need to Know

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My life changed abruptly in April of 2010: blurred vision that I had had on and off since my 20s became double vision; occasional hearing fluctuations in my left ear that I had had on and off since my 20s became total deafness, or sound drowned out by maddening tinnitus. I had extreme panic attacks and bouts of such extreme fatigue that kept me fro

Your Kids on Oxycontin: Creating the Addicts of the Future

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This has been a crazy few months in the world of addiction and recovery. On the bright side of things, the Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, announced for the first time ever in the history of the office that he will be releasing a comprehensive report on Substance Use, Addiction and Health. Addressing the crowd at the recent Unite to Face Addiction R

What Is Safe Space in Yoga Studios?

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Unbelievable as it might sound, I often feel uncomfortable and even unwelcome in most yoga sites.And I'm a yoga teacher. Not only that, I run a Yoga Alliance-certified school training students to be yoga teachers.In light of the recent intimidation and shut down of a POC yoga class at Rainier Beach Yoga in Seattle the yoga community needs to change

Bike to the Future: My Cycling Experiment

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Photo courtesy of www.pexels.comI will never forget my previous form of transportation. It was not a trendy new ride or a convertible with fancy accessories. It didn't come with any cup holders or a place to hold my sunglasses, but it may have just saved my life. It was a simple old school bike. Although I had once owned a speedy black mustang with

Food Day at Yale

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Saturday, October 24th is Food Day, and we will be celebrating it at the very heart of the Yale University campus, on the beautiful expanse in front of Sterling Library. Much as we need rain in this part of the country, please join me in hoping it doesn't come that day. We have a canopy, just in case.Food Day is an annual event, established several

These Fall Colors Can Help Build Strong Bones

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Mark your calendars! October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day, an annual event dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease. Osteoporosis happens when bones become weaker and thinner with age, or due to other diseases, even because of certain medications (go to for

The Miracle in Bolivia: A Model for Sustainable Development

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With the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals last week, we have a clear outline for the global political ambitions for the next 15 years. Before we start the discussion about setting national strategies for how to work towards the 17 goals, ranging from hunger and poverty, to climate change and gender inequality, I would like to turn y

How to Make the Baby Nursery a Toxin-Free Haven in Your Home

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Whether it's the first or fifth child, waiting for that little bundle of joy is a very exciting time for expectant parents. Ensuring that your little girl or boy has a joyful, cozy, and -- most importantly -- safe space to come home to is obviously of chief concern as they prepare for the arrival. That's why it's good to be mindful of everything fr

Aging Eyes Make an Economic Impact

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Is it hard for you to read this blog on your smartphone? Do you have trouble reading a magazine, menu or the information on a prescription bottle? Does holding text away from your body at arm's length actually help you focus? If you answered "yes" to those questions, you might have presbyopia, the progressively diminishing ability of the eye to foc

Equal Pay Is a Reproductive Health Care Issue for Latinas

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Equal pay is an issue for all women in this country, but unlike the 79 cents to every dollar statistic that most of us are familiar with, Latinas only make 55 cents for every $1 dollar paid to white men. 55 cents.That means that Latinas have to work 22 months to make as much as white, non Hispanic men did last year alone. This amounts to a loss of

Confessions of a Former Overweight Professional Athlete

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The most recent numbers from the Centers for Disease Control show that obesity rates around the country continue to remain high. What's worse is that since the 1990s, the numbers have continued to rise and more than a third of U.S. adults are obese and around 17 percent of children are obese. Yet despite the dangers of obesity that we're all aware

Children's Health Gets the Spotlight at Annual Gala

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By Megan Boyle, Editorial Director, Healthy Child Healthy World Reproduced with the permission of the Environmental Working Group www.healthychild.orgOn Oct. 1, advocates for children's health gathered in Beverly Hills, Calif., for the 23rd Annual Healthy Child Healthy World Gala.Laura Turner Seydel, an international environmental advocate, eco-liv

Volkswagen's Lies Show Need for Real Emissions Tests

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Caught red-handed for cheating on diesel emissions tests, German carmaker Volkswagen's actions in putting profits before public health have underscored the need for urgent reforms of car industry pollution laws.These reforms must ensure that future vehicle approvals and emission tests are independent, transparent and reflect real-life driving condi

Don't Fail Our Girls as They Become Women - It's Time for Change

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It's time for change At this moment, somewhere in virtually any country in the world, there's a 12-year-old girl scared and confused because she does not know why she is bleeding. She is unaware and unprepared for the changes occurring in her body as a result of puberty. No one ever told her about menstruation and she does not know where to seek

Stress Bust Your Fall

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Stress is inevitable. We are constantly fighting to make deadlines, rushing our kids off to school and dealing with finances, family and friends. Modern-day culture asks us to juggle 1,000 things at once, and it simply isn't easy. But while stress can feel like a huge weight on our shoulders it can also be an important emotion to appreciate. It not

Salt Gets an Unfair Shake, Public Health Feels the Pinch

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******************************************************* CO-AUTHORED BY: James J. DiNicolantonio, PharmD BRIEF BIO: Dr. DiNicolantonio is a research scientist at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri LONGER BIO AND PHOTO: ************************************************

An Awesome Place to Practice Mindfulness

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Publix, Whole Foods, Aldi's, Piggly Wiggly. Any chain, any name... the grocery store is one of the most outstanding places to train your mindfulness brain. And, if you're like me, shopping for hummus, string cheese and toilet paper is unquestionably not on my bucket list. So, this perpetual, weekly event also gives me fabu moments to work on the pa

To the Ladies: In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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This was a week of dips and joys.It was a week of heart splitting conversations and elation at good news.It was seven days where, when I talked to friends about their days, they too were weak at the knees in both good and bad ways.And because this month is also breast cancer awareness month, it's a continuous reminder to me about how fleeting life

There's No More Valuable Investment Than in a Girl's Education

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By Dr. Ayoade Olatunbosun-Alakija, MD., MSc., Director of the Oando Foundation."There is no more valuable investment than in a girl's education," says Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and I most certainly agree. In fact, I consider inadequate education, especially for girls, to be the HIV/AIDS of the current era and call for an

Stunning Health Benefits of Cotton Candy Proposed

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No, not really.The controversy and clamor attached to the report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee would seem to suggest that something that radical had been proposed. But that's not quite the case.The group did not announce that spinach, heretofore considered nutritious, actually causes human eyeballs to burst into flame (how the h

The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030

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(Meeting the Girl Advocates in New York on the 26th September 2015)Attending the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) summit in New York is an amazing opportunity that the Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) and I have been honoured to accept for the fourth year in a row. This year's summit was especially important as it finalised the Sustainable

The Beginning of the End of Malaria

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"Parasites everywhere have reason to fear." That is how Michael Gerson opened his Washington Post column last week about Bill Gates' commitment to eradicate malaria. But the statement could have applied to the entire week of the U.N. General Assembly, which marked a turning point in the campaign to end this disease.Bold goal-setting and sustained g

How Fit Are You?

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By Nancy Gould Chuda, founder and editor-in-chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World.The holidays are coming. You just spent a fortune on that special cream that is meant to reduce stretch marks, but did you ever consider that stretching in between your chores might be a better alternative?When you consider the vast commu

Ex-NFL Player David Vobora and the Adaptive Training Foundation Help People with Life-Altering Injuries Defy Their Limitations

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By Patti Putnicki It happens in an instant. The accident, the injury, the IED explosion -- the unthinkable event that changes life as someone knows it forever. After the hospital stays and surgeries, amputations and "we did everything we could do's," comes rehab; the place where paraplegics, quadriplegics and amputees are sent to learn to live with

This Is What It's Really Like To Have A Late-Term Abortion

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By Lindsey Averill As #shoutyourabortion trends on social media, encouraging women to shed their shame over having chosen abortion, I have my own story to tell. A little over a year ago, my husband, Randy and I were all smiles as the nurse in the perinatologist's office called my name and then ushered us into an exam room. We were there for an anat

Sleuthing Kidney Disease in Central America

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Have you ever been thrilled with a good medical mystery? Solving a two-decade-old health crisis in Central America provides new insights into how we can protect our kidney health, especially when working in extremely high heat settings. First, some background. Young Central American agricultural workers (predominantly men) have been developing chro

Austerity vs. The People's Health: How Greeks Built an Alternative Health System (Part II)

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'The right to health' "It is not just money that is missing. People lost their rights," Nikos from the solidarity clinic in Peristeri told me, a neighborhood in northwest Athens. Nikos is referring to the right to health; a right that was taken away when physicians were laid off and when waiting times became unbearable. If the state does not have

Death h of the Seldom Used (But Very Cool Sounding) Food Appliances

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My 53rd birthday celebration nearly complete, I unwrapped the final package as my wife and daughters looked on. I had asked for only one gift and now there it sat, ready for deployment.The NutriBullet Pro. More than just a blender, the NutriBullet is, according to its website, "the ideal tool for health-conscious individuals looking to fuel their e

Expanding Social Security May Pay for Itself! Higher Benefits May Decrease Alzheimer's and Dementia

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Public health experts quip that when it comes to your health, your zip code can be more important than your genetic code. They understand that there are many factors that are crucial to health outcomes, and a major one is financial security and stability. Groundbreaking new research, showing that increasing Social Security's modest benefits may d

Milking Dietary Discord: Who Holds the Bucket?

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There is a famous, precautionary canard about surrendering oneself to the tender mercies of lawyers. I am using it here as an illustration- no offense intended to any lawyers who happen by! As two people lay hold to either end of a cow, contending she is theirs, and pull in opposing directions- the lawyer milks the cow, and leaves the on-going stru

Why We Should All Prefer a Polished Man

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It was a cold winter morning when I first met Elliot Costello. Sharply dressed in a smart blazer, it was immediately apparent that this was a man on a serious mission. Halfway through the conversation, learning about the reach and work of his social startup, YGAP, I noticed something out of place in this ex-corporate, emerging leader. The third fin

Why I'm Taking a Gap Year

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After much consideration, I've decided to take a gap year before college. Here's why:April 11th, 2015: At the end of my senior year of high school I started having terrible headaches. I would be out of school for days at a time, lying alone in a dark room just waiting for the pain to end. I was hysterical constantly and terrified that there was som

The New Science of Stress: What You Need to Know

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I spent this morning talking to different radio outlets around the country about stress. The focus of my interviews was an article called, "How Work Stress Can Kill You, Literally." Not exactly a light topic for the morning drive, yet I bet most of the people listening were on their way to a job that causes them some level of stress. Most of the

Why Health Is the True Key to Success

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We've all heard that success is when opportunity meets preparation; that means you simply have to study your field, hone your craft, and develop unique and viable concepts and ideas so that when the moment is right you can shine. However, my autoimmune condition taught me that's not true. You need something else: your health. Let me explain. I did

Integrate Housing With Treatment

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Last year, we joined with the National Council on Behavioral Health (National Council) to convene a group of housing, homeless and treatment experts from around the country for a frank dialogue on new service approaches for people with substance use disorders. This convening, which was supported by the generosity of the Melville Charitable Trust, c

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Sadly Coming of Age

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I dare you to walk into the restroom of most medical facilities and turn around the handsoap to look at the ingredients. More often than not tricolosan, an antibacterial, is listed as the active ingredient. Is this trivial? Does the fact that triclosan is often listed as a endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) really matter? Or can we ignore these

Speaking Freely of Guns

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I am about to speak freely of guns, because I can. When I do, many of you will no doubt be inclined to mutter "amen," quietly to yourselves. Others of you will no doubt feel compelled to throw up all over me, as you have done under similar circumstances before. I expect to hear preferentially from the latter group, because they seem perennially inc

Can't Stop Thinking About Those Cupcakes? Here's What to Do

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I LOVE cupcakes.Especially the kind that comes with heaps of vanilla buttercream frosting. And I have to be honest... if you put one in front of me, I'd have a hard time saying "no, thank you."Don't get me wrong, I don't see cupcakes as "bad." In fact, I don't put the foods I eat into "good" or "bad" categories. Instead, what I do is label them as

Time to Stop All the 'Should-ing'

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Have you ever realized how powerless you feel when you use the word "should" in a sentence?   Personally, any information followed by the words "I should" is a huge indicator to me that I am carrying out something that somebody else thinks I ought to do and adopting that idea as my own. The next time you catch yourself using the word "should", g

Channel Your Inner Kindergartner: 5 Reasons Coloring Isn't Just for Kids

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Most trends are a waste of time and money (remember the baked potato diet?) not to mention hideous (remember velour jumpsuits and the mullet?), but the latest trend of adult coloring books may be one worth paying attention to. Johanna Basford's Secret Garden coloring book has become a global bestseller, having sold over 1.4 million copies. A friend

Health Insurance Is Great - Navigators Needed to Help People Use It

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This spring, Adriann Barboa and her colleagues at Strong Families New Mexico went on a five-county tour, fanning out across the state to share findings from the Breaking Barriers study they'd conducted on progress under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The report is part of a ten-state series by the Alliance for a Just Society."In all the towns we we

Yes, There Are Men With Anorexia Nervosa

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When I meet new people and tell them that I am a clinical psychologist, I usually hear one of two questions. Question one -- "Are you analyzing me?" -- can be answered rather succinctly ("I wasn't, until you just said that"). Question two -- "Do you have a specialty?" -- is a trickier ask to answer. I might respond that I specialize in the practice

The Importance of Sleeping Your Way to the Top

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Ever since I received eight hours of sleep in one week at the start of my advertising career, I've been a big believer in the importance of sleeping my way to the top.No, I'm not talking about heating things up between the sheets with every office worker who has the potential to boost careers, but rather entertaining a much more enticing notion: ge

Learning Lifelong Healthy Eating in the School Lunchroom

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We all know there's a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic that children learn in school. Until the national school lunch program was modified in 2010 nutrition hadn't been high on the list and now that is being threatened by efforts in Congress.In 2010 the "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act" was designed to remove high levels of sodium, sugar

Don't Delay Children's Eye Exams

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The school year has begun for children around the country, and a health issue that can affect their learning is ever-present. Nearly 80% of children's learning occurs through the eyes--reading, writing, and observing the world around them. However, too many children aren't undergoing regular comprehensive eye exams, threatening their learning abili

Releasing the Inner Leader's Shame

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No one is immune from feelings of shame. No matter who you are, how successful by social standards or what kind of position of authority you hold, shame is part of being human. Since my personal stand is for all of us to have the freedom to be conscious leaders of our lives, I know that shame can erode the spirit, and distract us from what we want

The Social Good Summit Taught Us Four Important Things About Reproductive Health & Rights

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CREDIT: Joan ErakitOn a rather humid Sunday afternoon, a crowded lobby entrance at 92Y on Manhattan's upper east side leads one to the 2015 Social Good Summit. In through the heavy glass doors and a quick stop at a registration table to pick up a badge before proceeding to an old elevator, a group of attendees, speakers and journalists bustle arou

If This Is Political, We As a Nation Are Doomed

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Noah Pozner was barely six years old, the youngest victim of the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that claimed 27 heartbreakingly young lives. In the wake of that unthinkable tragedy, Noah's mother chose to do one of the most strikingly brave things I can imagine: she insisted that his coffin be open, though his jaw and the lower part

The Four-Minute Workout That Kick-Starts Your Day!

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For obvious reasons, most people don't have time to spend hours of their time in a gym. It takes time to get there, time to exercise and time to get rid of that horrible sweat smell out of your head. With time being our most precious resource, it can be easy to let your fitness slip and let other priorities rule your life. Unfortunately, the guilt

Nutritionists and Dietitians Dish on What They Would Never, Ever Eat

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There are foods that should be eaten in moderation (think, ice cream, cookies, cake, cocktails), and then there are foods (or maybe I should say "food-like products") that should probably never be eaten all.Click Here to see the Complete List of Things Nutritionists and Dietitians Would Never EatNo doubt, items in the latter category may have a cer

A Simple Solution to Help Heal Plantar Fasciitis

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By: Pete EgoscueFascia are connective tissue, and they are found throughout our bodies at various subcutaneous levels. The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, and on and on, and that song ought to be titled "Ode to Fascia." Plantar fascia are the tissue that connect our heels to the rest of our feet, and plantar fasciitis is an inflammation o

Surgical Infections: Evolving Solutions

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Doctor, will I get an infection from surgery? If I do, then what? This is a question your surgeon never wants to hear, much less have to answer. Why? Because no one knows the answer for sure. Here's why, and what to do if infection happens.Infections, fortunately, are uncommon in elective orthopaedic surgery. They happen in 0.1 % to 0.4% of c

Short Film, Big Issues -- Up Close With a Social Impact Filmmaker

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The world is increasingly noisy with important information. In the wake of the new Sustainable Development Goals and as the world looks to new ways to tackle major collective challenges, I examine the role of film in engaging and inspiring populations. In this post, I interview Kim Nguyen - an Australian film maker and social worker about his lates

Traditional Food: Modern Ingredients

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Summer project is a time to travel, meet new people, acquire new cool stuff and learn contemporary science -- doesn't that sound perfect? Study and fun combined together and that's what exactly happened to me when I got selected for a summer project in IIT, Kanpur, one of the most prestigious institutes in India. When I told my seniors that I will

Surgeon General's Rx for Health: Walk

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We've always known walking is good for us -- it burns calories, reduces stress and helps the environment.But we never knew how really great it is for us until the new Call to Action on Walking from U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, who explains, "An average of 22 minutes a day of physical activity -- such as brisk walking - can significantly re

How Your Health Affects Your Business

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Beyond being passionate about entrepreneurship, I am passionate about my physical development. I love being in the gym, pushing myself harder and harder in order to continuously develop my body. Even though I hate the process sometimes, I love the feeling of seeing myself grow as time progresses.One reason that I work out so hard is because I know

Olivia Newton-John Shares Success: All in Her Family

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By Nancy Gould Chuda Founder and Editor-in Chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy WorldSome call her Liv, others Livvy, and if you're a close family friend and want to get her attention you say, OLIVIA. But to her fans and friends alike she is Olivia Newton-John, one of the most popular and talented singers in the world.Drop

This Is Your Body on a Binge Watch

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It's fall, and you know what that means: Time to dive back into all your favorite shows! Or, for many of us, mainlining what we missed this summer. Almost 70 percent of U.S. TV watchers are binge viewers, according to the accounting firm Deloitte. But all that couch time could be seriously harming our health. A new study in Diabetologica found that

Building a Stronger Civil Society to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation

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As the international community comes together at the U.N. General Assembly to set the new global sustainable development agenda, today progress was made toward fulfilling the goal of promoting health and well-being for people in the most challenging environments around the world.The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) announced

Loneliness in the Workplace: Symptoms and Solutions

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Co-authored with Melissa SmithThe workplace is busy and bustling, full of people coming to and from meetings, photocopiers, and each other's cubicles. However, despite the high potential for social interaction, many people still feel lonely at their place of employment. They, like most other people, sit down with their coffee or tea in the corner a

Outrage of the Month: Editors of Prestigious Journal Sacrifice Standards to Defend an Unethical Clinical Trial

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Read more in Public Citizen's October Health LetterSince its founding in 1812, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has established itself as one of the premier medical journals in the world. It earned that reputation through consistent adherence to the highest standards of accuracy, scientific integrity and editorial review.Recently, however

What the FDA Can Learn From Argentina's New Gay Blood Donation Policy

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Last week, Argentina's Health Ministry lifted its ban on gay blood donors in favor of an individualized risk assessment policy. The news comes at a time when the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reviewing public comments on their own proposed policy change - to swap a lifetime deferral of men who have sex with men (MSM) for a 12-

Ending the Overuse of Antibiotics in Food Animals Doesn't Stop With Chicken

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Big players in the food industry (Tyson Foods, Perdue, Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, Costco, Wendy's and Subway) have all made announcements, with varying levels of detail, on their plans to produce and/or source chicken raised with limited or no antibiotics. This is all welcome news, but the problem of antibiotic overuse in food-animal production still

The Language of Fitness 101

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If you've never had the opportunity to let "demarche" slip into social conversation, you should try it. Nobody ever knows what it means and you get immediate street cred when you try to explain the term in a way a regular person can understand. People just shake their heads and wonder if they would have been better off keeping the Mercedes inst

Should older Americans live in places segregated from the young?

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Stephen M Golant, University of FloridaDemographers frequently remind us that the United States is a rapidly aging country. From 2010 to 2040, we expect that the age-65-and-over population will more than double in size, from about 40 to 82 million. More than one in five residents will be in their later years. Reflecting our higher life expectancy,

Creating Real Change for Women and Children in the World's Poorest Communities Requires Innovative Partnerships

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In Kenya, one of the countries where my organization, World Health Partners, works, an average of 17 women die every day from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Each day in Kenya, more than 90 newborns and 200 children under the age of five die, many of them from preventable and treatable diseases. It sounds stark, but these numbers repres

Public Health 2.0: Planetary Health

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This week, the United Nations unveiled 17 goals-- and 168 targets - that comprise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The idea of specific goals for organizing action around pressing challenges is critical. But just as important is how these challenges interconnect. By leveraging those points of connection, we can make smarter investments wit

Meet the Five Healthiest Campuses in America

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We often talk about what colleges are doing wrong and where they're falling short. From sexual assault to mental health, the consequences can be tragic when student health isn't prioritized - high drop-out rates, life-long trauma, even death. But that doesn't mean that every college is failing to protect its student body - in fact, some schools are

Award Ceremony for Those Helping Communities in Urban Youth

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Last week, several thousands of people took time to celebrate and participate in the 20th annual KO High amateur boxing event. Started in 2006, Marvin Columbus believed that after school programs were needed when his son came home from grade school one day and said " Dad, which side should I be on? Blacks or Hispanics?"The event surprised my expect

Five 30-Minute Quick Fix Soul Searching Prescriptions

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For the people who need an enlightening, relaxing, soul-charging fix and only have 30 minutes to get it...Let's be honest, we've all been there. Those eye-twitching, tear-your-hair-out, scream-to-the-skies tipping point you hit when you're in desperate need of hitting the reset button on life. While we all aspire to have an Elizabeth-Gilbert-Eat-Pr

Growing Consumer Concerns About Drug Prices

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Among health care consumers throughout the United States, there is growing concern about the high and increasing costs of prescription medicines. Those concerns manifest themselves in myriad ways, and relief from these costs has become a top priority for health care consumers. Here are some of the indicators.In May of this year, Families USA releas

Celebrating the Sustainable Development Goals -- Without Fear!

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"We envisage a world free of fear and violence." --Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"Yes!" I thought, "Yes!!" And I read this again, a few times. " of fear..." Such a strong statement, right there in the introduction of the new Sustainable Development Agenda. At Pathfinder International, those words are our

The Exhaustion Epidemic

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These days, there's a silent epidemic afflicting women in the U.S. It's silent because most of the women who are suffering don't seem outwardly unwell, and because many affected women don't talk about what they're going through. Nevertheless, the epidemic of exhaustion is real, and it's bringing too many women down. Consider this: In 2010, women a

Sick and Single, Who Will Care for Me?

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A wave of relief swept over me when, at my first appointment to a new rheumatologist, she said she had a name for the elusive condition that threatened my life and sickened me for more than a decade and a half. I now knew, for certain, that I was right; all of my symptoms were tied to just one disease. However, my joy was short-lived. Seconds later

One Man's Vision to End the Wait for Women in Kenya

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Just outside of downtown Eldoret, a large city in western Kenya with a population of about 300,000, you will find a small building tucked away beneath a giant Jacaranda tree, heavy with purple blossoms. If not for the sign out front welcoming visitors to Gynocare Fistula Center, you might think you were staring at an old house - and you'd be right.

Weight Loss Plateau Breakers

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Are you within 10 pounds from your goal weight? Do you hover there, getting close by exercising and dieting? Until Thursday, that is; and then the weekend rolls around every darn week. When you are almost where you want to be, say within five pounds, you tend to allow yourself more wiggle room. Your clothes still fit, but maybe not all of your clo

Should Crimes Against the Environment & Animals Deserve International Prosecution?

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When our global environment is harmed or animals are killed ruthlessly risking extinction and biodiversity, all of humanity is harmed and borders are exposed as irrelevant to global health. Consequently, should crimes against the environment and animals be addressed by an international criminal code and prosecuted by an international tribunal, part

A Yogi Celebrates the Fall Equinox

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Looking up at the sky, feeling down to the earth, today is a powerful day in our universe. Equinox. Seasonal shift. Balance. I'm going to feel no shame getting my hippy on. Light a candle, breathe in the Fall air, try to sense the cool coming, put pen to paper, reflect and manifest a little. Here's how and why. Equinox comes from the Latin: "equal

Is That Seafood Safe? What You Need to Know

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Photo: Pond5By Laurel Leicht for Life by DailyBurnYou know fruit and vegetables have the most flavor during the months when they're being harvested. It might be surprising, though, that the same is true of seafood. "Many species are migratory, meaning they're available fresh in various regions only at certain times of the year," says Jeff Ludwin,

What Are The Three Main Eating Disorders?

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Eating correctly is hard for all of us, but for some, the struggle is deadly. Severe over-eating or under-eating may lead to an eating disorder, a disease many of us have experience with, even if it is rarely diagnosed. We were so grateful to have Dr. Allegra Broft, a psychiatrist and professor at Columbia, on the show to educate us on the various

At What Age Are You Prone To An Eating Disorder?

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Eating correctly is hard for all of us, but for some, the struggle is deadly. Severe over-eating or under-eating may lead to an eating disorder, a disease many of us have experience with, even if it is rarely diagnosed. We were so grateful to have Dr. Allegra Broft, a psychiatrist and professor at Columbia, on the show to educate us on the various

Tips To Help Start Recovering From An Eating Disorder

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Eating correctly is hard for all of us, but for some, the struggle is deadly. Severe over-eating or under-eating may lead to an eating disorder, a disease many of us have experience with, even if it is rarely diagnosed. We were so grateful to have Dr. Allegra Broft, a psychiatrist and professor at Columbia, on the show to educate us on the various

How To Help A Loved One With An Eating Disorder

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Eating correctly is hard for all of us, but for some, the struggle is deadly. Severe over-eating or under-eating may lead to an eating disorder, a disease many of us have experience with, even if it is rarely diagnosed. We were so grateful to have Dr. Allegra Broft, a psychiatrist and professor at Columbia, on the show to educate us on the various

Tips And Resources For Overcoming Eating Disorders

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Eating correctly is hard for all of us, but for some, the struggle is deadly. Severe over-eating or under-eating may lead to an eating disorder, a disease many of us have experience with. We were so grateful to have Dr. Allegra Broft, a psychiatrist and professor at Columbia, on the show to educate us on the various types of eating disorders, and

The 5 Foods to Avoid If You Want a Six Pack

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By Lisa Freedman for DETAILS.(photo: John Ashley/Flickr)Carrying a spare tire around your belly? You're not alone: Fifty-four percent of U.S. adults now have abdominal obesity, up from 46 percent in 2000, according to a recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. If you fall into that category (male abs are considered fat if t

Doctors, Death, and Dignity: The Semantics of "Suicide"

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Inevitably, death comes to be seen as the enemy in medical care. A resuscitation effort ends with success, or death. Death is the antithesis of triumph in medicine. It is where options run out, where treatments end, where the final desperations of hope surrender. It is failure.Nor are we in medicine unique in this tendency. Poets, too, have interpo

Women in Business Q&A: Marnie Rustemeyer, Founder and CEO, Billow Pillow

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Marnie Rustemeyer is the founder and CEO of Billow Pillow - conceived, designed and created following her diagnosis with the BRCA (breast cancer) gene, a mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgeries. The Billow was developed as a sleep aide after more than a year of research and development.How has your life experience made you the leader you

Choosing Not to Feel Guilty

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As a new mum I have made a conscious decision not to feel guilty. Our mother's group midwife said in a facilitated group session that now you've had a baby you'll feel guilty for the rest of your life. ....for not giving them enough attention, going back to work early, expressing to enjoy some drinks, deciding to stop breastfeeding etc.Although gui

The Trouble With Disinfecting Wipes

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By Megan Boyle, Editorial Director, Healthy Child Healthy WorldReproduced with the permission of the Environmental Working Group www.healthychild.orgThey're cheap, appealing and easy to find. They even smell nice.It's no wonder that disinfecting and antibacterial cleaning wipes are so popular. Last year Clorox executives reported that about half of

Planned Parenthood, The Pill, and P. T. Barnum

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A minority of conservative Republicans are once again threatening to shut down the federal government. This time, more than 30 have signed a letter saying they'll vote to shut the whole government down unless Planned Parenthood is totally defunded. They seem determined to put on quite a political circus.Reading their letter, a couple of things jum

Gratitude Beauty, Part 1

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True beauty lets you fly. True beauty grounds you in gratitude. It grounds you, crowns you and abounds in youth. It's vibrant from the roots up so you may thrive. Swapping conventional personal care products for clean treats is one of the easiest and simplest ways to boost your radiance, enhance your performance and massively increase your magneti

Different Fuel for Different Workouts

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I know the look. It's the wrong food choice look. I've seen many people in my exercise classes get that look on their face a few minutes into class that says, I just ate the wrong food.Sometimes it's not enough food, sometimes it's too much. Sometimes it's just the food choice. Eating the right thing before lifting weights or jumping on the treadmi

Childhood Cancer: A New Global Fight

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By: Dr. Sumit Gupta, Staff Oncologist and Clinician Investigator at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)Every September, families, caregivers and researchers across the world commemorate Childhood Cancer Awareness month by honoring children fighting cancer, celebrating how far we have come, and recognizing how much is left to do. Having a chi

They Did Not Know How to Spell Their Names

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Ayesha smiling in the fields.We sat on the plain dirt ground, playing with the small sticks we had picked up on the way to the field. I was carving my name, and as I proceeded they all abandoned their sticks and began to look carefully at the way I drew my words. When I finished writing, I motioned for them to do the same. They all looked down, bu

Anti-Aging? I'm Calling Bulls**t.

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How many times have you looked at a photo of yourself from five years ago and thought, "Dang, I looked great back then!" only to remember that, back then, you didn't feel that way? It's likely you'll do the same thing in another five years when you look back at today. Change your mindset. Right now is the best you'll ever look -- appreciate it!It's

The 10 Healthiest Beers, Ranked

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By Jaqueline Burt for DETAILS.There's no question that beer gets a bad rap when it comes to whether or not it's good for you--in fact, you've probably just come to accept the fact that knocking back a pint or two is somehow derailing your general well-being. But while it's true that a few too many six-packs can wreak havoc on your waistline--and po

He Could Be Your Child: Learn the Signs of Sepsis

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It's raining--a hard, soaking rain. I have the windows open and the air is crisp and clean. I can actually smell the ferns hanging on my front porch. It smells like life right outside of my window, but I have just learned the details of a young boy's death. It's just past 11:00 a.m., and I've hung up the phone with tears in my eyes and a lump in

A Whole Country Ate Better: Lessons From Finland

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In the early 1970s, young men in Finland were dying from heart attacks at the highest rates in the industrialized world. In the North Karelia region of the country, home to 180,000 people, every family knew the pain of watching a young and fit man die young. While the Finns had very little obesity and very few sedentary jobs (factors that should h

Summertime Blues: 11 Tips for Getting Back On the Health Wagon

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It's all been going so well. Lunch is dutifully packed every day. Dinner is a well-planned event and exercise has been slotted in at some point most days. *polishes halo*Then IT happens. The summer holidays. All healthy pursuits go out the window, replaced by other pursuits -- frozen margaritas, pizza, pasta, ice cream, beer and sun lounging (w

The Numbers Game: The Modern Model of Success

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"Would you like to scrimmage or play the numbers game?" Before I've finished speaking, a collective shout of triumph emerges from the throng of eager kids, frayed pennies hanging haphazardly over their small frames and soccer balls bouncing in their hands."The numbers game!" they announce. It appears they already know the future that awaits the

Why I Quit a Madison Avenue Career and Never Looked Back

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"What? You quit a New York City advertising career? And one that was on Madison Avenue -- the Madison Avenue -- of all places?" Indeed I did. I chose to leave my first job after college; I wasn't let go as a roomful of higher-ups spoke of necessary cut-backs, nor was a fired in a drama-infused meeting where I pleaded for reconsideration. I wasn't p

Breast Cancer Screening: of Chances, and Choices

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A sardonic insight by Bertrand Russell deftly, if disturbingly, conveys much of what is wrong in the realm of modern health promotion, particularly where diet is concerned: "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." Ordinarily, I would follow the ramificatio

I Divorced My Disease

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I thought cancer was here to stay, but I had to break up with it. After four years of taking it wherever I went, letting it live with me, and having it define me, I am kicking it to the curb. It had a permanent residence in my life and for a long time I thought it was the most important thing about me, but it's not now, and I am moving on. I had ne

Build It And They Will Come: New Approaches To Eliminating Fistula And Other Maternal Morbidities

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The original version of this article appeared on the Wilson Center's New Security Beat.Obstetric fistula and pelvic organ prolapse are two common maternal morbidities that impact thousands of women in developing countries each year but are often overshadowed by maternal mortalities. Obstetric fistula, a hole in the birth canal caused by obstructed

Who Are the Most Productive and Energized Workers? Maybe Not Who You Think!

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What fuels the energy and excitement that's visible among people who are highly engaged and productive at work? Is it something about what they bring to their careers to begin with? The management culture they experience? Or, are those qualities found mostly among the young, because of youthful energy, as some surveys indicate? Some new research sh

DISPATCH: Rising Strong with Dr. Brene Brown

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What does it take to get back up when you fall? How do you rise again when you've failed? What really makes a leader? How do relationships stay strong? How do you keep innovating?In Rising Strong, Dr. Brene Brown lets you in on exactly that. The logical next step in her research on vulnerability, courage, and worthiness after The Gifts of Imperfec

Young Medical Student, Fashion Model and Former Beauty Queen Opens Up On Cancer and Adoption

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It has been three years since my diagnosis out of college and I am happy to be in remission today, living my twenties to the fullest. In honor of Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, here is my personal open letter to my future adopted child:You don't ever anticipate that you will hear the words, You have uterine cancer. I'm supposed to be a future

A 6-Year-Old's Guide to Leading a Happier Life

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Out of the mouth of babes the saying goes, and I have never seen a more profound example of this than through a recent segment on CBS's Sunday Morning show featuring an incredible 6-year-old boy named Jayden Hayes. Jayden lost his father when he was only four, and at six, his mom passed away in her sleep. Losing parents is a tragedy for anyone, but

Gratitude Tip for Positive Parenting

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Parents, have you felt any of these from your child?- Unappreciated- Misunderstood- DisconnectedI did a few years ago. I felt this way with my teenager and it scared me. I had a sinking feeling that our mother-son connection was slowly becoming distant. This turned into a frustration within me that made me react to him negatively. It was pulling u

ADHD and Diet: The Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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Linda Blair frightened everyone with her unnerving performance as a possessed child in the 1973 Academy Award winner The Exorcist. What's hard to believe -- and somewhat comical -- is that, in the movie's extended version, there is a scene in which a perplexed doctor initially diagnoses Blair's 12-year-old character with what we today call Attentio

The Transformative Power of Dreams

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My dreams have been on fire lately; I'm remembering three or four a night and it's no surprise. I'm in a massive transition point in my life. I've just returned from a two year quest in South America to discover my passions and now I'm at the crossroads of putting into place all that I've figured out (although that's a story for another blog post)

Climate Change This Week: Drought Refugees, Solar Keeps Surging, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Beautiful Tropical Gem - toucans live in tropical forests, and will disappear with them. Forests: the cheapest way to store carbonOO Earth To Lose An India-Sized Chunk Of Its Tropical Forests By 2050 - new research suggests that tropical forests may be disappearing even faster than we

Is the Stress of Living in LA Where 60 Is Not the New 50 But the New Dead Causing My High Blood Pressure?

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Photo: Julie EllertonHealthwise, being sixty sucks. My dear dad died this year. I was with him at the end and glimpsing my own possible demise, being, gulp, sixty, and mourning my dad was enough to pump my blood pressure to dangerously high levels and awaken the sleeping chicken pox virus I had as a child that developed into shingles. I thought I w

What to Do if You Are Not Loved

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"not everyone is going to like you. And that's ok. {...} Always stay who you are." - This was posted in a Facebook community I belong to.As I began to respond, words were pouring out of me full of overwhelming love and gratitude. I used to not feel all this love. I used be feel hate. I hated so many. I hated the world. I hated my life. Most of all

Here's the Single Best Way to Stall Aging

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It happens to everybody, and there's no cure. Americans spend millions of dollars trying to avoid or delay it, but many efforts are in vain. Aging is simply a universal fact of life.However, one of the best ways to keep the side effects of aging at bay may be something anyone can do, for free: get better sleep. The more we learn about rest and biol

How I Became a Medical Detective

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Medical DetectiveI was dying and no one, including my cavalcade of doctors, seemed to be able to stop the process. Year after year, I watched helplessly as a mystery condition chipped away at the organs in my body. I knew I had to step up and take charge of my cares or I'd leave this life before I was ready. One day, while watching the television s

Dietary Fat and the Human Brain: Redefining Food for Thought

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The Labor Day weekend brings into sharp juxtaposition two irrepressible, seasonal forces: one is the culturally-sanctioned indulgence in an end-of-summer barbecue blitzkrieg, and the other is the return of our kids to the daily disciplines of a school day. We might add a return to more generally frenetic demands on ourselves as well, as the relativ

Kids Bedtime Reading About Cooking: In Combating Eating Disorders, Can Food Be Its Own Best Defense?

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In the Kitchen With Grandad Cover Illustration"Listen to the stories your food can tell you," my Italian granddad always says. So commences the bedtime story In the Kitchen with Grandad. Running to 26 pages and focusing on Italian cuisine, it is the first paperback in a series of vignettes on international cooking, of which each is to treat of a di

The Social Entrepreneur Interview Series: Meet Jennifer Nantale of Nyaka

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Every day, social entrepreneurs from around the world are seizing opportunities others miss to improve broken systems, innovate and develop solutions to change society for the better. Over the past few months, I've traveled to India, Brazil, Southeast Asia, East Africa, Western Europe and the U.S. to visit 50 NGOs and social enterprises with my tea

Fishermen First: Protecting the People Behind What We Eat

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Co-authored by Dalberg Design Impact Group Principal Robert FabricantThe Taste of SummerWith only a week of summer left, many of us will load up our beach chairs and don our flip flops for a final excursion to the beaches. Our final taste of summer would be incomplete without a stop at a local seafood shack to savor the delicacies of the sea docksi

DIY Skin Care Using Items Found in Your Pantry

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Lavish skincare products needed for beautiful and radiant skin can be found right in your own home. There is little to no need to spend a fortune on products that promise brighter, softer and more vibrant skin. The best part of DIY skin care is getting amazing results while avoiding putting your skin in contact with potentially harmful chemicals.

The 5 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat

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By K. Aleisha Fetters for DETAILS.(photo: Getty Images)Repeat after me: "crunches do not burn belly fat."And it's not just crunches. Neither will planks, leg throws, nor the yoga boat pose."These exercises can strengthen your abs muscles, but those muscles will still be hidden under a cover of chub," says Chris Piegza, training manager at DavidBart

How Children Can Manage Academic Stress

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By Sonia JonesHave you ever heard of your allostatic load? While this term may be unfamiliar to you, it is a critical factor to consider for managing stress. In this short interview, Victor Carrion, Ph.D., a childhood development and behavioral sciences expert, explains that it is not necessarily individual cases of stress that cause us harm, but r

Fighting Child Mortality with the Kindness of Others

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Two years ago in California, Nikki Miller's boys, Carson and Chase, were both diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Thousands of miles away, Phedia, a 4 year-old in Haiti, was fighting for oxygen due to the congenital heart disease she had faced since birth. What do the two have in common? Their health care was paid for through the kindness of others.Ever

Forever Gutless, Forever Grateful

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It all started with a dream.I grew up doing musical theatre.Let me rephrase that. I grew up thinking my life was a musical. Call it the "theatre bug", call me a "drama queen" or a great big ham - I lived for the world of the stage. For me, singing and acting were ways I could connect with the world around me. When I took a deep, grounded breath fro

Why Anxiety Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing

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Nobody enjoys anxiety. But for most, it is something that people deal with from time to time and is usually linked to a stressful event in their lives. For me, anxiety is nothing like that. Recently I watched a Ted talk by Kelly McGonigal called "How to make stress your friend." In the video, she discussed statistics that surprised her, even thoug

Reaching the First Birthday: September as Infant Mortality Awareness Month

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September is Infant Mortality Awareness Month in the U.S with the goal of bringing attention to our relatively high Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), representing the estimated number of infant deaths for every 1,000 live births. According to the Center for Disease Control, "the IMR is often used as an indicator to measure the health and well-being of a

I Found That the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

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Hello friends, family, and the cyber world!My name is Anna Snapp, and I am here on HuffPost to write about my journey through rehearsing and performing my autobiographical one woman show, "I Found That The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow". In this show, I put on many faces. The default is me, Anna, as an actor, but I also play various roles such as doctors,

Yoga and Meditation Can Positively Affect DNA

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Yoga and meditation are well-documented to have psychological, emotional and physical benefits for people at all stages of health, including cancer patients. Now breakthrough research reveals yoga and meditation can positively affect DNA.Telomeres, located at the tips of DNA chromosomes, shorten with aging and age-related diseases including cancer,

Why Bernie Sanders Is Best on Women's Issues

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Women's issues are taking center stage in the lead-up to 2016. As they should: The conservative war on women's health and reproductive rights has raged on for far too long. And in all measures of social and political inequality, we remain what number-crunchers coolly term "disproportionately affected."Many people believe that electing a woman presi

What Your Genetic Blueprint Says About You: The Rise of Epigenetics

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Health care and medicine is living through a major transformation. We're entering into a new era of medicine where prevention precedes treatment. Now this idea, believe it or not, is quite new. Of course, prevention is always the ideal, but sadly the health care sector has been programmed to curing the problem, rather than erasing the problem befor

Self Worth

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I recently read an interview with comedian-of-the-moment, Amy Schumer, in which her genius way of turning insecurity into comic fodder shed some light on the subject of self worth. She explained that her stand up routines often use the experiences of her formative years as a way to tell relatable yet hilarious stories. She went on to regret how of

Taking My Own Advice

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A human being is a part of the whole called by us, the "Universe" -- a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few p

What September Means to Me, The Parent of a Childhood Cancer Fighter

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For many parents, September represents a return to routine, a return to normalcy and perhaps even a joyous occasion as the children return to school. Long gone are the days of day camps, swimming pools, trips to the beach, or visiting grandparents, as the structure returns to our family's schedule. Once upon a time, I was one of these parents, obli

The Hard-to-Hear Advice Every 20-Something Needs

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Let's be honest: Your twenties are a weird time. After teenage years spent in angst over the lack of freedom that comes with living under your parents' roof, you finally have independence. Now what? You have to cook your own meals, clean your apartment (not just your bedroom), and pay all of those bills. Plus, there's the whole searching for a job,

Put Down the Q-Tips: You've Been Cleaning Your Ears All Wrong

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Earwax is one of those annoying facts of life, and for many of us, Q-tips are a satisfying way to get the gunk out. But we've been on edge ever since seeing Hannah Horvath's Q-tip incident on Girls (shudder), so we reached out to ear, nose, and throat doctors to find the best way to get that pesky earwax out, without any permanent damage. RELATED

If You Have Passion, You Don't Need Plastic Surgery

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Turning sixty last summer was a huge deal, touted with a big party, lots of friends and wine and laughter. I wore an old ankle-length floral dress, that still fit tightly -- the one I wore to a Fleetwood Mac concert in 1975.The celebration of my sixth decade happened last August 31, (a birth date shared with one of my heroes, violinist Itzhak Perlm

Unleashing Our Children's Potential

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I know a 2-year-old American girl named Olivia living in low-income housing with her mom. Olivia is overweight for her age due to her diet of high calorie, low-nutrient food and a lack of physical activity during the day. Her brother and her mom often fight over household responsibilities and money issues -- sometimes to the point of violence or ne

Healing, and Human Touch

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Early this summer, I spent several days in a hospital bed, tethered to an IV, with what proved in retrospect to be anaplasmosis (a nasty bit of tick-borne business), complicated by viral meningitis. The latter was likely due to the immunosuppression of the primary infection. It was all rather unpleasant.Among other things, I had a constant, moderat

"I Had A Stroke at 38 Years Old"

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How one woman turned a life-changing event into an opportunity to thrive. As told to Kristin CanningBy Kristin Canning, SELF (Photo: Courtesy of Merideth Gilmor)I wasn't supposed to have a stroke. I was 38 years old, a mom in "perfect" health. I run my own pro-athlete public relations firm, so I have to stay on pace with the likes of Maria Sharapov

EPA's Common-Sense Climate Measure: Fix Methane Leaks

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Written by Tim BalloEven for dedicated do-it-yourselfers, finding and fixing leaks can be a hassle. So when a few drops of water appear under the sink or a dark stain forms on the ceiling during a heavy rain, many of us might look for any excuse to procrastinate in tackling the problem.The oil and gas industry can relate.For years, the industry cla

The Body Is a Celebration

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When I was younger I was so in my head. I made every decision based on what I thought might happen, trapped in anxiety about the past or fear about the future. I was like a head walking around disconnected from my body. I even studied Western philosophy in school. My mind-focus became extreme. I envisioned death not as the body ending. Just the min

Maternal Health Heroes: Interview With Dr. Priya Agrawal

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We are happy to publish our second interview in our Maternal Health Heroes Summer Series with Dr. Priya Agrawal, Executive Director of Merck for Mothers. Throughout the summer we will speak with some of the most notable maternal health advocates in the world ahead of the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference that will be held in Mexico C

Creating Community One Vegetable at a Time: Farmer's Markets Are Becoming a Way of Life All Over New York

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Farmers market's are creating outlets for the organic farms that are fueling the "farm to table" movement of the past decade. Local residents anywhere from the upper West Side, to Brooklyn to Upstate New York, can be seen at these pop-up markets, strolling around with their families, collecting the local bounty that is part of a creative movement n

How to Be Thankful for Life By Changing Just One Word

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My college strength and conditioning coach Mark Watts taught me an important lesson that applies to life outside of the gym...As adults, we spend a lot of time talking about all of the things that we have to do.You have to wake up early for work. You have to make another sales call for your business. You have to work out today. You have to write an

Employers and Employees Benefit When Organizations Take an Interest in How Well Employees Are Sleeping

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Companies should take an active role in how their employees sleep. Many people don't sleep because their children don't sleep or because they overlook how important sleep is to their health and success on the job. Many of my clients, who are sleep-deprived and seeking my help in regaining healthy sleep habits, are teachers and those who work in the

Some Thoughts on Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores

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Hospitals and health care systems have been directing more attention to whether or not their patients feel satisfied with the care and treatment they receive. If hospitals don't score well on standardized patient surveys that rate the care, they risk losing some Medicare reimbursement. Thus, a satisfied patient experience is becoming a priority of

Which Company Will Change the Future of Healthcare? Here are 10 Contenders

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I have yet to hear of an industry that hasn't been massively disrupted by technology. Healthcare is no stranger to this disruption. The question is which companies will actually break through the barrier and solve some of the major issues healthcare faces today?Major trends are becoming anything but, nowadays. Think precision or personalized medici

Study: Older Adults Decide It's Never Too Late to Switch Spiritual Homes

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Congregations desperate to reach young adults may also want to keep in mind that holding on to their older members is no sure thing, new research indicates.Nearly three in 10 older adults made a major change in spiritual homes within just an 11-year period, according to a study that is one of the first to target religious switching among older popu

Fitness Foursquare: My Way to Check In During Travel

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by guest blogger Gina Kim, Women's Health editorial internWrangling my foot around my body and arching my back into position, I find it almost impossible to catch a breath."Can you hurry, please?" I ask, as I manage to half-laugh through gritted teeth."Click."I first decided to instagram photos of myself in fitness poses at major tourist attraction

Let's Open Up About Miscarriage

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The statistic says 1 in 4. 1 in 4 yet most of us who experience it still suffer in silence.1 in 4 yet it's not something that is openly discussed.1 in 4 of us go through it at least once yet when someone, in casual conversation, mentions that we should start thinking about expanding our family we don't divulge that we are struggling, or have suffer

Regrets and What to Do With Them

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Regret for what we have or have not done can be tormenting. Everyone has regrets of one kind or another resulting from what we perceive as having made the wrong decision when confronted with a choice.Sometimes we enter into a decision consciously, taking full responsibility for our actions; at other times, we do so with avoidance, denial, and in ex

How to Get the Most Out of Back-To-School Shopping

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If it feels like you're spending money on the same back-to-school gear every August, you're not alone. There may not be much you can do to avoid purchasing new clothes or supplies for your growing kiddies but there are some other ways that you can save big money in the long run. By focusing on buying reusable items, especially when it comes to lunc

Fashion-able World Games at UCLA

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Did you think the Olympics was the most spectacular event you could ever witness ? Then you obviously missed out on the heartwarming Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. For everyone involved, "LA2015" saw thrills, triumphs and plenty of fun and inspiration with none other than First Lady Michelle Obama taking part in the Opening Ceremonies

Feeding Infants While Flying

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By Megan Boyle, Editorial Director, Healthy Child Healthy World Reproduced with the permission of the Environmental Working Group, parents, feeding a new baby can feel like a full-time job.Add to that the stress and complications of airplane travel, and it can feel like a downright headache, whether you're breast- or bottle

Estimating the Affordable Care Act's Impact on Health

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Coauthored by David SquiresWith the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the government in King v. Burwell, opinion polls suggest that some Americans are taking a fresh look at the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and reassessing its merits. A key question for them--and one that is rarely discussed--is how the ACA will improve the health of those who gain in

Can Beauty Actually Improve Your Health?

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"It's better to look good than to feel good" went the SNL line made famous by Billy Crystal. It was funny, in part, because it mocked an age-old conflict -- the choice between feeling and looking good -- but shouldn't we want (and expect) both? Intuitively we know that when we feel healthy we view ourselves more positively. But it turns out that

How to Fuel Up for Your Workout

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By K. Aleisha Fetters for DETAILS.(photo: Getty Images)Want to get more out of your workout? You've got to start eating like it."If you don't fuel properly, you'll never train optimally and never maximize the time you spend training," says Susan Kleiner, Ph.D., R.D., author of Power Eating and a sports nutrition consultant to top NFL, NBA, and Olym

What No One Tells You About Depression (But I Will)

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Back in 2009, I had my first stay in a psychiatric ward; I was there for a week. At that point in my battle with major depression, my hourly thoughts revolved around various ways to end my life. Since then, my biggest fear has been to ultimately lose. RELATED: 81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can't Afford a Therapist It's 3 a

Journey After a Near-Suicide to Educate, Remove Stigmas and Save Lives

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After learning about Robin Williams' death (8/11/14), I paused, reflected, and privately understood the types of demons that might have affected him. This would have been the end of my thoughts about it after a few days; however, there was an insensitive Facebook post that same day which made a judgmental comment about the reasons that anyone woul

Education, Energy, and Engagement - Celebrating Youth

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(IMCreator/Rod Waddington)When I was First Lady of Kwara State (in north-central Nigeria) from 2003 to 2011, I was invited every January to a hospital to meet the first baby of the year. This was one of my favorite parts of being First Lady because the tangible energy that accompanied the start of a new year was amplified every single time that I

I Have Cancer... But Don't Worry I'm Fine

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Do not, for one second, believe it if someone ever tells you that. The only rational reason that anyone could ever utter those words together is if they are in shock... Those words initially kept me from truly healing and listening to what it was trying to tell me when I was diagnosed with cancer at 35 years old. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoo

Climate Change This Week: Choking Trees, Clean Energy Jaggernaut, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Flying frogs glide through dark Asian rainforests. Source The clouded leopard is an inhabitant of Cambodian forests, which are being destroyed for timber, at an alarming rate. Source www.animalspot.netForests: the cheapest way to store carbonOO Alarm Over 'Timber Grab'

Why We're Launching 'Better Black Health'

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The inequalities African Americans battle are plenty and severe -- but the widening health gap is arguably among one of the most crucial and inadequately addressed concerns. Better Black Health hopes to help change that. Today, HuffPost's Black Voices and Healthy Living are launching a new editorial initiative that aims to dissect disparities in

San Antonio's Sheriff Personal Fight to Fix Broken System

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My brother was bipolar. This was in the 1960s and 1970s before we knew what lithium was or how to control chemical imbalances. He spent that time in and out of mental institutions. I saw firsthand the challenges of a family dealing with mental illness at a time when it was pushed under the rug and was seen as an embarrassment. So it's always been i

The Prescription for a Healthy Life: A Helpful Neighbor

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In 2013, the New York City Health Department declared a diabetes epidemic in the city. The number of people who had contracted the disease had more than doubled in a decade. Part of the problem, they stressed, was a lack of information about the disease, noting that about a third of adults who had diabetes were unaware of it.That same year, Manmeet

To the Caring Side of Health Care

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I've been spending a lot of time in hospitals and nursing homes. I can't walk through the facility without slowing down and looking an elderly person in the eye. And I smile. And I pause until they see my smile. Then their dazed eyes come to life. And their grins begin to form smiles. And I hold their eye contact and I nod my head until my eyes wat

The Truth About Sex After Menopause

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When I started my blog in May 2014, I had been re-singled for a year-and-a-half after a long marriage. I was dating up a storm and feeling at the top of my game intellectually, sexually, and simply as an empowered woman in the world. My experience ran counter to the conventional wisdom that women lose their desirability once they're of a certain ag

How Embracing My Inner Nerd Led Me to Find My Divine Self

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Most of my friends don't believe this, but my childhood friends know. Growing up, I was a nerd. I was shy, teacher's pet, valedictorian in elementary school, terrified of boys; and I was most comfortable when I had my nose in a book.I loved Neil Diamond, Don Henley, Bon Jovi and Christopher Cross. I didn't dare tell anyone, because I knew they migh

Microsoft Wants to #UpgradeYourWorld With $500,000 Grant

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Vote to help the International Foundation for Education and Research on Depression expand Schools for HOPE curriculum and teach kids vital mental health toolsYour vote can bring iFred's Schools for Hope program to children around the world. Microsoft is celebrating people and organizations who do great things and make a difference every day by awa

GOP Confusion Over Stem Cell Research

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Republican candidates convened last night for the first debates of the 2016 campaign. The presidential hopefuls disagreed on every topic they faced -- immigration, health care, foreign policy, gay rights, the economy -- all but one, that is. Their differences disappeared each time they were asked about the controversy over the recent release of an

The Fifties - Soaring Or Snoring?

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Let's talk about the forgotten 50s. There's not much work out there that focuses on the developmental psychology of these years, but their significance for a generative later life is profound.Through your 20s you're humming along, pretty fast-paced, hopefully having a variety of experiences and plenty of fun in the service of developing a personali

Are We Exclusive? A Look at the Evidence for Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF)

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By Ms. Jo-Anna Baxter and Dr. Raluca Barac, Centre for Global Child Health, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)This week is World Breastfeeding Awareness Week - a time to draw attention to one of the most effective, yet arguably under-utilized, interventions to ensure newborns and children everywhere survive and thrive. Although it is widely

Everything Begins With a Thought

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In the yoga world, we talk often about how thoughts come first, followed by our words, which eventually determines our actions -- how we live our life. So my advice has always been to watch our thoughts. Even if we can't stop our thoughts, if we just start noticing them, we create a small space in which we can choose -- do I want to keep thinking t

City Walk: Popular TV Series Explores the World, Step by Step

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I love a success story. Just two years ago, the unique TV series City Walk took its first steps, exploring urban environments from Portland to New York City in a hip, revisionist way: by strolling them. Along with enlightening guides and guests, taking to the streets, footpaths, and cultural centers of cities across America, the program -- a co-pro

Are We Prepared for the Next Global Epidemic? The Public Doesn't Think So.

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Too often, the conventional wisdom in diplomatic or scientific circles is that the general public doesn't know what's good for them when it comes to foreign policy or tackling global threats. It's too complicated, the experts say; the public wouldn't understand. Yet new polling suggests that many in the public understand very well how global infect

How Important Is Perfect Form in Fitness, Really?

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By Brian SabinJust about every gym in the world is lying to you. The lies are told subtly. They aren't even spoken aloud. But they are often written all over the walls. The lies are well intentioned, aiming to show you the "right" way to exercise. We're talking about the posters that show someone properly performing a lift like a squat or bench pre

How CrossFit (and a Little Cancer) Helped Me Grow a Little Bit... Down There

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Looking up at the height of the ropes, stretching some 25 feet from the ground, I could clearly see how I would die. I wasn't having any of it. I was 12 years old, fat, and confident enough to tell the adult in charge of this high-ropes challenge (forced upon me by an evil camp director), "I'm not going to climb that.""But all the other kids are do

A Figurative Fountain of Information for Youth

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Juan Ponce de Leon, the Spanish conquistador and first governor of Puerto Rico, traveled to the New World on Christopher Columbus' second trip to America.It is said that Ponce de Leon explored what is now Florida in search of the legendary "fountain of youth" whose waters would bring youthfulness to older persons. Ponce de Leon never found that fou

What Makes A 'Good-Looking Penis,' According To Science

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By Catherine DiBenedettoThe Journal of Sexual Medicine published a new study designed to answer a rather unusual question: "What is a good-looking penis?"Yes really.The Swiss researchers who conducted the investigation asked 105 women (ages 16 to 45) to rate the importance of various penile traits.Of the eight characteristics, girth and length fell

Training Your Mind to Push Your Body

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Many people have a part of their brain that so wishes they wanted to exercise, but truthfully they don't want to do it. They wish they wanted to. They want to want to. They just don't. And they are sometimes jealous of people who DO enjoy exercise. Hear the good news, all of you that fall in the Don'tLoveItButWishIDid category of exercisers: My gu

Better Health, By Design

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By Ravi Sarpatwari, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown UniversityThis post was originally published on Footnote, a website that brings academic research and ideas to a broader audience.How do bottles of Coca Cola reach even the most remote regions of the world, while essential medicines for conditions like diarrhea remain unobtainable?Simon Berry

Climate Change This Week: Hillary's Climate Action Plan, A Wind Power Sheet, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. When Forests Disappear, So Do Beautiful Insects. Pinterest.comForests: the cheapest way to store carbon* * In June, Earth smashed warm temperature records for both the month and the first half of the year. OO First Half Of 2015 Was Hottest Ever Recorded - feel the heat yet? * * OO


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"Remember... No burden is worthy of becoming you. You'll always have enough independence to make sure of that." -- Chris KairosI always saw myself as an independent kind of person. The kind of person who strived to achieve everything I wanted and needed on my own first before ever reaching out for help from anyone else. I was raised to believe to h

Why Everyone Should Unplug More Often

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I don't know about you, but my smartphone sometimes seems like Grand Central Station at rush hour. Between texts, emails, regular old phone calls, and notifications from multiple social media sites, keeping up with all the inputs can feel like a full-time job. In fact, I can't remember the last time I passed a full 12 hours without checking my phon

Fitness and Diet Tips to Get the Best Body of Your Life From the Hottest Celeb Trainer

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Christine Bullock is one of the most inspirational celebrity fitness trainers in Los Angeles with a wealth of knowledge regarding exercise, health and nutrition. I recently met her at a press event in Santa Monica earlier this summer where she taught an incredible fitness class followed by a Q and A session on nutrition and healthy living. I learne

At the Heart of the Matter: Women Need Better Testing Options

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We know cardiovascular care has come such a long way in the last decade or so. What many don't know is that care is based on studies that represent a huge sex disparity. Only 24 percent of participants in all heart-related studies are women. For the last 50 years women's treatment has largely been based on medical research conducted primarily on me

Confessions of an Amateur Raw Vegan

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A few weeks ago, a friend raved to me about the way it feels to be raw vegan."It's the BEST I've ever felt. Hands down. You feel happy all the time. I was never tired and had tons of energy. Giving your body exactly what it needs makes you feel amazing."That made a lot of sense to me, so I decided to try it for a month.It didn't quite last that lon

How To Handle Criticism Like A Pro

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It's hard to feel warm and fuzzy inside when our latest Instagram post receives a measly two likes, let alone when our boss gives us negative feedback on a project. But to succeed in life, both personally and professionally, it's important to take criticism in stride. Being able to hear people's opinions can improve our relationships, academic perf

'Be Healthy and Be Rewarded' -- With Rewards in Health Care... Everyone Wins!

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A decade ago, financial rewards for healthy behavior was a "fringe" technique in some circles and morally offensive in others. It was common to hear "we are not paying people to do what they should be doing." Today, health rewards is a foundational technique in the health care community to drive consumer and provider behavior.In 2012, Todd Park, f

The Art of Living: Lights, Camera and Action!

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The key to living the life you always dream of is to first clearly know what you truly desire and the type of person you want to become. To find out what you really want, you can start off by telling someone or simply writing on a piece of paper little stories of how you see your future, this way you can start waking up your curiosity at the idea o

Why This Dentist Recommends Oranges for a Healthier Smile

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Does your dentist lecture you at every visit about flossing more? Your dentist is right -- not flossing can be serious and can contribute to bad breath, heart disease, dementia, and cavities and tooth loss.But here's where your dentist is wrong: Telling you to floss more isn't going to do anything. If you've ever had teenagers in your house, like I

The Power of Negative Thoughts

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A few years ago a woman we'll call Mrs. S. went to the hospital for some routine tests. Mrs. S. had a heart valve condition called tricuspid stenosis. She also suffered from a milder form of congestive heart failure. Neither condition was considered life-threatening.The treating physician, Dr. Bernard Lown, examined Mrs. S. and found nothing out of

Decode and Outsmart Your Food Cravings

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Yes, it is that time of the day when all of a sudden, the impending threat presents itself! Is it a stinky diaper (not this time), is it the whining kids (possibly), or is it those ravenous food cravings that seem to keep you wallowing in your dieting stupor (yes!)? We all have them, and you know what, it is nothing to feel bad about. However, I

Your Child's Eye-Q

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Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants You likely first saw your child as a digital scan in your doctor's office. At that juncture, your child's eyes were still forming. The eyes are an extension of the brain and develop in utero. Vision develops after birth when a baby's eyes react to visual stimuli.Your child was born as a digital native, a

Grateful to My PLN and Project Semicolon

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Marty Keltz with Jessica Chen, artist (Tattoo People) A few years ago, I first became aware of what was being called "impostor syndrome." It takes one of my own most challenging struggles with clinical depression and puts it in a silo as someone narrowly defined as a person who feels like they are a fake, that they will be found out, discovered, ex

The Stress Factor in Asthma

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Rosalind J. Wright, MD, MPH Horace W. Goldsmith Professor of Children's Health Research Vice Chair, Clinical Translational Research Kravis Children's Hospital Department of Pediatrics Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai The Stress Factor in AsthmaAbout 25 million Americans -- one in 12 -- have asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Contro

Another 50 Years: Protecting Medicaid and Medicare

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Fifty years ago, the idea of creating a social health care safety net was far from a sure thing. When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicaid and Medicare into law on July 30, 1965, it was amidst much controversy regarding whether the government should involve itself in health insurance. Decades later, the idea of ensuring that all Americans ha

What Every Mom/Startup Founder Can Learn From Having a C-Section Without Anesthesia

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It's only after the doctor begins cutting my abdomen that I realize the local anesthesia didn't take. In order to reach my baby, I know she needs to cut through skin, muscle, fat, and finally my uterus. I'm screaming. The C-section is pain like I've never felt. And I can't do anything about it.As I think about my son just inches away from being bor

Celebrate 50 Years of Medicaid by Expanding It to Cover More People

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Persistence pays off. Let's remember this as we celebrate 50 years of Medicaid on July 30. In 1965, Medicaid entered the world as a Medicare add-on for low-income families. Now, the program provides comprehensive coverage to more people than any other insurer in the United States. Almost 70 million people in the U.S. turn to Medicaid for their heal

You Are What You Eat

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Getting Over An Addiction To Your Ex

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If love is truly like a drug, can a breakup turn your affection into addiction? According to mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere, the answer is yes. You may be experiencing symptoms of an Exaholic, or someone whose strong attachment has turned self-destructive and dangerous. Dr. Jeff's latest project is a website and online com

How Do Men And Women React Differently In A Breakup?

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We had mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere stop by the program to talk to us about what to do if you’re obsessing over an ex. His new program is called Exaholics (, and it's an online community designed to help people get through their breakups. In our chat together, Dr. Jeff describes how our bodies process

Happy Birthday Medicare

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Medicare turns fifty next week. It was signed into law July 30, 1965 -- the crowning achievement of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. It's more popular than ever. Yet Medicare continues to be blamed for America's present and future budget problems.A few days ago Jeb Bush even suggested phasing it out. Seniors already receiving benefits should continu

Don't Cancel Your Dinner Plans: A Science-Backed Reason to Be Social

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What does it take to age well? Most people I ask say some version of the following: a healthy diet, taking vitamins, staying in shape, and seeing a doctor for annual check-ups. The emphasis is always on physical health.Nobody ever mentions the importance of an active social life. According to research, spending most of your time alone and feeling l

So Long, Sniff Test: New Tech Tells You When the Milk's Gone Bad

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Scourge of cereal, corrupter of coffee, cause of more spit takes than a Donald Trump press conference: rotten milk has ruined many mornings. And yet our only defense against the potentially stomach-souring effect is the simple, unreliable sniff test.That may not be the case for much longer. Teams from University of California, Berkeley and National

Running Injuries: 5 Steps to Recover Like a Champion

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An injured runner is like a feral animal. Our instincts tell us to move, to flee, to run like we have for so long. But, we know that we must stay still and heal before we can go back to doing what it is we love. The trail beckons, but we have to resist.Injuries are physical. We pull muscles, we tear ligaments, we break bones. But, the mental anguis

Planned Parenthood Continues to Provide Care, No Matter What

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Once again, a group of anti-abortion extremists has attacked Planned Parenthood providers and patients with false accusations. And once again, their political allies are seizing on these fraudulent claims as an excuse to push the same dangerous agenda--ban abortion, shut down health centers and cut women off from care.But we will never let that hap

Most Obvious Study Ever Declares Women Like Sex on Vacation

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New research confirms what we already knew: Women are more inclined to let their freak flag fly on vacation and less concerned about catching a genital-withering STD from the resort golf pro.As Medical News Today reported, researchers from the Universities of Illinois and Florida surveyed 853 American women, averaging 23-years-old, a

Define Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating has had many definitions through the years. We've been told to eat no fat/low fat, or no carbohydrate/low carbohydrate. We've been sold shakes, bars, and packaged food as meals or meal replacements. What do you do, who do you believe?Speak to a qualified professional, and ask yourself, "Is this professional helping me or just selling

What I Never Would Have Learned About Life if I Hadn't Almost Died

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Post-script: I'm doing quite well. I have no money but feel quite rich in my life, no lover but am entirely satisfied, and no wine but am drunk in my health. I plan to stay this way for a while.Since I clamored those words into my laptop keys, I've already forgotten much of the time in my life I spoke to. Still, the day I wrote them to sign off on

Maternal Health Heroes: Interview With H.E. Toyin Saraki

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I am excited to launch the Maternal Health Hereos Summer Series with an interview with H.E. Mrs. Toyin Saraki, founder of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa. Throughout the summer I will speak with some of the most notable maternal health advocates in the world ahead of the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference that will be held in Mexico City bet

Disconnected in an Overconnected World (Part 3)

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Menas C. Kafatos, Ph.D Jay Kumar, Ph.D.Your brain craves more downtime! We all know the benefits of what a relaxing summer vacation can do to recharge our batteries. But, what if getting in more regular afternoon naps, a quick walk around the block, playing Frisbee with a friend, or a midday meditation can also help you to increase attention, boost

Stop Calling Me Skinny

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"Stop calling me skinny."You don't hear that too often, right? Yeah, I thought so. I said this to my girlfriend the other day -- and she was quite surprised by it. She asked, "Why would that bother you so much?"I really didn't know the answer to that. Maybe it was because guys aren't supposed to be too skinny -- rather "fit" or "sculpted." Those ad

WATCH: 3 Ways Sunshine Makes You Happy and Healthy

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We all feel a little happier on a sunny day or riding in a car with the windows down. Sometimes the most calming place to be is sitting on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crash on the beach. Have you ever wondered why these small pleasures have such a positive impact on our lives? Check out the premier episode of the "Science Behind H

Louis Tenenbaum: 'Our Houses Are The Key To Aging Well'

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Much of the attention on America's rapidly growing aging population is aptly focused on the need for professional, reliable caregivers to help the elderly age in place at home. What we might forget to consider, however, is the equally critical component of ensuring that the homes themselves are eldercare friendly, enabling seniors to live and move

The Invisible World Responsible for More Than We Think

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Our bodies contain more bacteria than they do cells, about 100 trillion give or take. The amount of bacteria in our bodies outnumber our human cells by 10 to 1. New research on the human micro biome is providing stark evidence that we've been disregarding the importance of this invisible life force. Rampant overuse of antibiotics, a high precedence

What Science Now Knows About Every Dream State

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While dreams are singular to the dreamer, the act of dreaming itself is universal. But does the experience vary based on the time we have it? And are the visions that occur when we're daydreaming different than those that occur at night or when we're napping?Scientists are beginning to grasp the various styles of dream narratives. More specifica

Why This Workaholics Star Will Never Sleep Near a TV

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Anders Holm is a mess on Comedy Central's Workaholics, in which he plays the pot-smoking, unmotivated, office drone Anders (he writes and directs for the show, too). But in his new movie, Unexpected, he's forced to get his act together after he and How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.In real life, Holm

Grants Help Communities Replicate Successful FUSE Model

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Generous support from the Open Society Foundations and Capital One are behind recent grants designed to help communities plan and implement the evidence-based Frequent User Systems Engagement (FUSE) supportive housing model.The four communities selected to receive FUSE program funding and other resources are listed below. (You can click on the indi

Do Insurance Companies Look at Your Social Media Profiles?

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By Michael Osakwe,

A 7-Step 'Seamlys' Approach to Healing My Auto-Immune Disease

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At 37, after suffering two unexplained ectopic pregnancies, weight gain and extreme exhaustion I discovered I have Hashimoto's disease, an inflammatory auto-immune disease (AID). My family history is ripe with all kinds of AID from Parkinson's to Type I diabetes. Although I take a daily dose of medicine in order to regulate my thyroid gland, the

Getting Finance to Improve Women's and Children's Health Worldwide

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On a very wet and rainy day in Ethiopia last week, I spent an inspirational morning crowded into the Salem Health Centre. Despite the miserable weather, the Centre was overflowing with women who had, in some cases, travelled long distances to have their babies vaccinated. These mothers know that the vaccines will keep their children healthy, and pa

Text Alert: The Connection Between Quality Sleep and Quitting Cigarettes

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As millions of failed ex-smokers can attest, it's not easy to ditch cigarettes for good. Two factors that can help? Sleeping well and sweating on the reg.With this in mind, in 2011, a team of public health researchers launched a program called "Stop My Smoking USA," which used text messages to remind young-adult smokers to put down the cigs and get

The Healthy Habit One-Two Punch Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

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I was exhausted.I was in the middle of a 4-year grad program, and I was sick and tired of doing what other people told me to do.I was sitting too close to academia's campfire and found myself on the verge of burnout.Totally overwhelmed, I just wanted to get the whole school thing over with so I could start up my own business already!There was no w

Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Water?

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Photo: Pond5By Amanda Woerner for Life by DailyBurn We've all heard the "rules" of hydration: Drink until your urine is clear; hydrate before you get thirsty. But what if those guidelines aren't quite right? A new statement released this week by a panel of 17 experts suggests that some of these myths might actually put people at risk of overhydrat

Health Care Rationing: The Roar and the Silence

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I have gotten the impression over my years in medicine that essentially no one likes to talk about rationing care. Those who oppose the concept on ideological grounds certainly don't want to talk about it. Those who are in acute need of care for themselves or someone they love are potential "victims," and especially don't want to talk about it. Pol

Researchers Discover A Protein-Packed Superfood That Tastes Just Like Bacon

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Now this is a superfood: Researchers from Oregon State University have reportedly created and patented a new strain of nutrient-rich seaweed that tastes like everyone's favorite fetishized breakfast meat.Researcher Chris Langdon cooked up the new savory strain of dulse, a red marine algae grows off the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines in OSU's Hat

Old Age? Science Suggests It's Not that Bad

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Well-being, happiness, thriving, and other buzzwords can have a variety of different meanings in and outside of the scientific community. Well-being is no longer just a personal state of being, it is a serious question in science. The science of well-being is a growing field focusing on more than physical health and the temporal state of happiness.

Potty Training a Zero Waste Baby - Parent

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As defined by the United States Environmental Agency, "Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony that permi

The Beer Belly Is a Myth

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It's time to clear up a major myth about the bodies of beer drinkers: The "beer belly" is bunk! Ironically, as much as the terms 'beer' and 'fat' are mentioned together, beer does not even contain fat.Say what!?That's right. Beer is fat-free, people!Like all fermented beverages, beer contains calories...but not fat. Yet I don't hear anyone talking

The Polar Bear in Your Backyard

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The latest news on polar bears is enough to give anyone who cares about them -- or for the planet or our own fate -- a chill: One-third of the world's polar bears could be on the cold road to extinction within the next decade.For many people, the idea of a world without polar bears is eerie, but distant, like looking at photos of abandoned building

How to Publish a Book, Lose Weight, and Find True Love

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One day you wake and realize you're an indolent cynic so you decide to close the box of donuts, get out of the bathrobe, and do something with your life. This can be difficult if you've never ventured beyond the corner bakery. If you're committed to accomplishing a few big ticket items, here are some suggestions to try before you melt into a unused

The Modern Woman's Guide to Radical Self-Love

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Photo by Unique Hotels on Flickr.Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.~ Audre LordeAs modern women, we're swamped, run ragged; concurrently expected to look rested and be supermodel-gorgeous as a constant. Juggling motherhood, a corporate career, beauty and fitness regimen, runni

The Stress Epidemic and the Search for the Modern Cure

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We are living in an epidemic of stress. The people who walk into my office on a daily basis - busy successful New Yorkers with full lives and a lot going on -- look to the world like they have it all. But more often than not they are deeply stressed out.They are not alone. In 2011, nearly 75 million unique prescriptions were written for Xanax and A

Using Mindfulness to Revolutionize the Diet Industry

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Dieters, hear my call. The time is ripe for mindfulness.Provocative news... Fortune reports of a current "plight" in the diet industry as people are looking for more holistic ways to get healthy. Americans seem to be putting greater focus on eating well versus calorie counting. Does this mean no more tongue exercisers, sauna suits, or diet dinnerwa

How Much Water Do You Really Need?

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Chances are, when it comes to water intake, you've heard a lot of different suggestions. Some experts say you need eight to ten 8-ounce glasses daily. Others say to divide your weight in half and drink that much in ounces. The truth is, there is no magic number for how much water you should be drinking; it is in fact dependent on many lifestyle fac

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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By Beth Greenwood, dailyRx News ReporterIt's well-known that women live longer than men do, but this may not have always been the case. Ladies, you may be able to thank the late 1800s for your longevity.A new study from the University of Southern California (USC) found that heart disease tended to affect men much more than women. This susceptibilit

Stop Ignoring the Cries of Your Soul

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Image by Alice Popkorn on Flickr.As a child, I was often told that my dreams weren't possible, and let's just say my childhood wasn't great.By my late teens and early 20s I was an absolute mess, replete with health problems, binge drinking, bad relationships, and legal trouble. I struggled to make sense of things as I attempted to clean up the mess

Nervous in the Kitchen: 9 Tips to Manage Anxiety and Health-Restricted Diets

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Whether due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diabetes, food allergies, food sensitivities, celiac disease, Crohn's disease or other medical conditions, health-restricted diets are difficult to manage. This is especially true when it comes time for summer cookouts, parties and any celebration that involves food (which, let's face it, is every cele

Marrying Health and Human Rights: How LGBT Health and Population Health Will Improve Because of Marriage Equality

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In ruling that the 14th Amendment requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Obergefell vs. Hodges, not only addressed a fundamental issue of equality, but may have unwittingly contributed to improved public health.Consider the research devote

The Government Is Leaving Children at Risk -- Are You?

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It's been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina revealed how ill-prepared our nation was to protect children from disaster. New research shows that far too little has changed.Most of the recommendations made by the National Commission on Children and Disasters after a deeply-flawed Katrina response remain unfulfilled, a new Save the Children report find

Revolutionary Way to Be Healthy #10: See the Bigger Picture

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Typically, when we want to check our health and fitness progress, we step on the scale or look in the mirror. But when it comes to well-being, what you see isn't always what you get -- or at least, not all that you get.We've been inclined to believe that pursuing health and fitness is predominantly self-focused, and that we alone stand to profit fr

My Employer Offers Both HSA and FSA. What's the Difference, and Which Should I Use?

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At NerdWallet Health, we save your company time and money by bringing clarity to employee health benefits. Have a health finance question? Submit it to [email protected]:I recently started a new job and am choosing my health insurance benefits. It looks like I have the option of using a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible

There Was Nothing Magical About the Band-Aid. Or Was There?

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I'm sure all of us cut ourselves at some point during our childhood, and the first thing we did was rush directly to our mothers for help. She may have addressed this seemingly devastating trauma with a quick examination followed by soap and water, some calm reassuring words, a warm embrace, and then a Band-Aid. At that moment, the pain very likely

Groups Call On Congress To Bar New Permits For Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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WASHINGTON -- Several environmental groups are petitioning Congress to take up legislation that would ban any further mountaintop removal coal mining until the federal government completes a thorough health evaluation.The progressive group Credo Action and the environmental group Earthjustice, in partnership with several local groups in the coal-mi

Climate Change This Week: The Seafood Connection, Super Solar Chip, and More!

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Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Macaws are just a few of the colorful unique birds found in Brazilian forests. Forests: the cheapest way to store carbonOO Brazil Announces Massive Reforestation and Renewable Energy Plan With U.S. - with both countries agreeing to obtain up to 20% of their electricity from renewable

The Dangers of Co-Sleeping With an Older Child and 6 Strategies to Stop It

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More and more I see families in my private practice who come for help with their child's anxiety. They present with a child who is worried about life, in clinical terms a child with generalized anxiety. The child fears many things including: Being alone, what others think of them, how they will perform, and trying new things. Often when I probe dee

Tips to Practice Good Self-Care

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When the going gets tough and our lives seem to be moving faster than we can keep up with, those are the times we must pay attention to what we need -- self-care. Self-care refers to activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and enhance our long-term health and well-being. As a mom and a business owner, I of

Justice Matters: Holding People Who Torture to Account

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As a new report on the role of the American Psychological Association (APA) in justifying and defending the U.S. government's torture program provides yet more evidence of the crimes committed in the name of national security, justice remains elusive. Not only did individual psychologists break the law, but the APA undermined ethical standards that

How Bloggers and Freelancers Can Maintain Integrity

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This article is an excerpt originally featured on "As an editor, I feel that the title... did the piece justice."I disagreed. In a debate as heated as two people can have via email, I'm arguing with an editor who has changed my article's title. She wants me to showcase my being a cancer survivor in the headline to draw readers in, desp

Children's Grief Camp: Sharing Grief, Finding Hope

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Seventy-five children and fifty volunteers and staff members from OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center in Los Angeles spent three spectacular days in the Malibu Hills, filled with peals of laughter, tears of sadness and a profound sense of resilience and hope. The children arrived on Friday afternoon at this mountain retreat where the bonding had alrea

Coffee Is Probably Not Bad for You

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By Melissa Dahl Every so often, a bleary-eyed friend tells me they've quit coffee. My response to this is always the same: Why? Because my long-held hunch -- based on many years of following this stuff as a health and science writer -- has been that coffee is probably not bad for you, and may even be quite good for you, a theory now backed by a re

The Road To My Depression

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Six or seven years ago, a very dear friend of mine went through a particularly dark depression. I didn't know what to do or how to help. So I wrote her a book with pictures about my experiences with depression and gave it to her as a gift. The thing was, that when I looked at my own self and my own depression, it was funny. It was very sad, but it

With vs. For

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I've had an "a-ha" moment that caused me to discover why I've had a disconnect throughout most of my life.I don't believe in "for." I've lived my life with the vision and expectation of "with." I'll explain.When I work with people, I never consider them working "for" me, or me working "for" them, but "with" me as part of a team. I now understand

Travelogue of Love: Soulful Summer Edition

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Summer splendor! It's the time of year to spend more time outside than in; more time barefoot grounding on grass, in the ocean, rooting into the earth; time to soak up the abundance of luscious summer days and vibrant nights. It's time to fully step out and let in. Whether you love to unwind at the beach, relax in the mountains, explore tropical ju

I Was Almost Another Suicide Statistic

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This month is "Minority Mental Health Awareness Month," which is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health challenges, especially in minority communities. Therefore, as a person of color, I feel compelled to share my journey to help saves lives, as I've battled depression for years and was almost another suicide statistic.Since disclosing

Searching For Happiness? It's Official -- Toss Out The Junk Food

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Any of us who have ever turned to junk food over a stretch of time came to realize it doesn't make us feel our best.Whether our poison is salty potato chips or indulgent candy, cakes or other sugary desserts, we know it's not good for us physically. And we now know, too, that it's not good for us emotional and mental health either.And now a new stu

Meeting the Challenge of the HIV Continuum

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Over the past few years there has been a great deal of discussion―though some might cynically describe it as sloganeering―about bringing the number of new cases of HIV in the United States down to zero. But the announcement last month that the START (Strategic Timing of AntiRetroviral Treatment) trial definitively shows that early treatment for

Understanding the Real Source of Back Pain

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By Pete EgoscueIn the United States, back pain is one of the top complaints people bring to their doctors. What is the cause of this back pain that is so prevalent in our culture?First, some basic anatomy. The human spine is called "the segmented bone," meaning it's a bone that the body recognizes as one bone, in the same way it recognizes, say, th

Why Do People Do Yoga?

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After my last weekend of yoga teacher training, a friend asked me over dinner, "Why do you do yoga? So you can learn to do what... headstands?"Why do people do yoga?More than 90 percent of people come to yoga for flexibility, stress relief, health, and physical fitness. But, for most people, their primary reason for doing yoga will change. Two-thir

Our Health Matters: The Struggle to End HIV Continues

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As our nation mourns the nine lives massacred in a Charleston church or wrestles with the threat of excessive police force that has led to the tragic deaths of multiple unarmed African American men and women, we cannot lose sight of the one thing we must work earnestly to protect -- our health. Violence is not the only thing wreaking havoc on our

Why Saying No Is an Act of Love

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The Divine Dance of the Yes-No Partnership.One of the areas that generates a huge amount of emotional conflict and causes profound confusion for many people is this area of saying Yes and saying No; particularly of saying No. Our spiritual teachings really embrace how important it is to give, and quite rightly so. Giving to others and making our ve

Kids Prick Up Their Ears When Sexual Pleasure Is Taught in School

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On one end of the sex-education spectrum, there’s the nuts-and-bolts, non-judgmental technique of teaching safe sex — say, putting condoms on bananas in front of a class of snickering middle-schoolers. On the other end, there’s shame-and-scare tactics intended to lock down unmarried genitals. Where your local school board falls on

A White House Conference on Aging: Aren't We All?

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On Monday, July 13, I will have the honor of attending the 2015 White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) at the White House featuring President Obama. It will be the fourth White House Conference I have attended, including my appointment by President Clinton to serve as Executive Director of the 1995 conference. White House Conferences on Aging s

Eating in Echo Chambers

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In Going to Extremes, Cass Sunstein explores and characterizes the process that can lead to religious fundamentalism, internecine hatreds, jihad, and suicide terrorism. The essential ingredient is an echo chamber, a place where the opinion to which you are natively inclined, for whatever reasons, is reflected back at you by others who share it.The