Támesis, Colombia: A Beacon for Public Health

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By Li Gao, Katrina Keegan, Johan Morales, and Laura PulgarinDusk in Támesis, Colombia.Still groggy with sleep, we boarded our vans to embark on the three-hour journey from Medellin to Támesis, Colombia. The long and winding road lent spectacular views of the Colombian countryside and allowed for some much-needed reflection time. Our team, usually

Fishermen First: Protecting the People Behind What We Eat

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Co-authored by Dalberg Design Impact Group Principal Robert FabricantThe Taste of SummerWith only a week of summer left, many of us will load up our beach chairs and don our flip flops for a final excursion to the beaches. Our final taste of summer would be incomplete without a stop at a local seafood shack to savor the delicacies of the sea docksi

Justice Matters: Holding People Who Torture to Account

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As a new report on the role of the American Psychological Association (APA) in justifying and defending the U.S. government's torture program provides yet more evidence of the crimes committed in the name of national security, justice remains elusive. Not only did individual psychologists break the law, but the APA undermined ethical standards that
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