From NPR's Latino USA: The Kids Are Not Alright

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How does stress in the home affect children? On this episode of Latino USA, we meet a family of American siblings whose mother lacks legal status in the U.S. to explore the unintended consequences immigration policies have on these kids. We also visit a pediatrician's office where babies are being screened by mental health experts. Although it may

Embracing Inclusion, Defeating Hate: The National Immigrant Integration Conference Ignites Conversations around Integration

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This last month has been a difficult one for America. With the terrible attacks in Paris on November 13th and in the wake of the tragic San Bernardino, California shooting, we have seen dozens of American politicians try and score cheap political points by scapegoating Syrian refugees and other immigrants, and openly targeting Muslims through broa

Health Care in the Shadows of Immigration Policy

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by Gabriel R. Sanchez, Francisco I. Pedraza and Edward D. VargasOne of the most troubling concerns for any democracy is the extent to which sub-populations of its citizenry "live in the shadows." Living in the shadows or social exclusion (i.e. lack of access to a state identification card, bank accounts and healthcare) is the process in which indiv
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