Astoria Characters: The Newborn Doula

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The call came at 10 at night. Annie LeVasseur had been eagerly expecting it, but, still, it made her nervous.Photo by Nancy A. Ruhling Annie grew up in the South.It meant that a baby and Annie's new career as a doula were about to be born.Although Annie had studied photos and videos of mothers giving birth during her training, this was the first ti

What Do You Do When the World Is Too Much With You?

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What do you do when you have days when the "world is too much with you"? I do my best to keep from absorbing the pain and angst of those in my personal life as well as what is going on all over the planet. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the magnitude of what is swirling around me.Sitting here in beautiful Bucks County, P.A. -

William B. Bradshaw: Happy Birthday America

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Birthdays are fun to celebrate, and this week the United States as a nation will be celebrating what is officially named U.S. Independence Day. It was 238 years ago--July 4, 1776--that the Second Continental Congress, comprised of representatives from the thirteen North American British colonies, passed the Declaration of Independence, declaring t
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