Támesis, Colombia: A Beacon for Public Health

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By Li Gao, Katrina Keegan, Johan Morales, and Laura PulgarinDusk in Támesis, Colombia.Still groggy with sleep, we boarded our vans to embark on the three-hour journey from Medellin to Támesis, Colombia. The long and winding road lent spectacular views of the Colombian countryside and allowed for some much-needed reflection time. Our team, usually

Take Action Against Lung Cancer

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As an actor, I know how to transform myself into a character onscreen that is vastly different from the person I am off-screen. Earlier this year, in partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb, I took on a new leading role as part of a campaign to help increase public awareness around lung cancer -- the leading cause of cancer death worldwide and the se

According the Future Its Due

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'Tis, as the saying goes, the season. As I write this, if not necessarily as you read it, 'tis the season of rhetorical flourish, soaring aspirations. Even if often wrapped in crass commercialism, or delivered in the lyrics of a particularly corny carol, the sentiments are real, the yearning -- perennial and fervent. We feel it always, I believe --

Food Day at Yale

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Saturday, October 24th is Food Day, and we will be celebrating it at the very heart of the Yale University campus, on the beautiful expanse in front of Sterling Library. Much as we need rain in this part of the country, please join me in hoping it doesn't come that day. We have a canopy, just in case.Food Day is an annual event, established several

Salt Gets an Unfair Shake, Public Health Feels the Pinch

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******************************************************* CO-AUTHORED BY: James J. DiNicolantonio, PharmD BRIEF BIO: Dr. DiNicolantonio is a research scientist at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri LONGER BIO AND PHOTO: ************************************************

Why We Should All Prefer a Polished Man

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It was a cold winter morning when I first met Elliot Costello. Sharply dressed in a smart blazer, it was immediately apparent that this was a man on a serious mission. Halfway through the conversation, learning about the reach and work of his social startup, YGAP, I noticed something out of place in this ex-corporate, emerging leader. The third fin

Speaking Freely of Guns

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I am about to speak freely of guns, because I can. When I do, many of you will no doubt be inclined to mutter "amen," quietly to yourselves. Others of you will no doubt feel compelled to throw up all over me, as you have done under similar circumstances before. I expect to hear preferentially from the latter group, because they seem perennially inc

Public Health 2.0: Planetary Health

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This week, the United Nations unveiled 17 goals-- and 168 targets - that comprise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The idea of specific goals for organizing action around pressing challenges is critical. But just as important is how these challenges interconnect. By leveraging those points of connection, we can make smarter investments wit

Fishermen First: Protecting the People Behind What We Eat

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Co-authored by Dalberg Design Impact Group Principal Robert FabricantThe Taste of SummerWith only a week of summer left, many of us will load up our beach chairs and don our flip flops for a final excursion to the beaches. Our final taste of summer would be incomplete without a stop at a local seafood shack to savor the delicacies of the sea docksi

Better Health, By Design

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By Ravi Sarpatwari, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown UniversityThis post was originally published on Footnote, a website that brings academic research and ideas to a broader audience.How do bottles of Coca Cola reach even the most remote regions of the world, while essential medicines for conditions like diarrhea remain unobtainable?Simon Berry

Marrying Health and Human Rights: How LGBT Health and Population Health Will Improve Because of Marriage Equality

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In ruling that the 14th Amendment requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Obergefell vs. Hodges, not only addressed a fundamental issue of equality, but may have unwittingly contributed to improved public health.Consider the research devote

Groups Call On Congress To Bar New Permits For Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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WASHINGTON -- Several environmental groups are petitioning Congress to take up legislation that would ban any further mountaintop removal coal mining until the federal government completes a thorough health evaluation.The progressive group Credo Action and the environmental group Earthjustice, in partnership with several local groups in the coal-mi

Cancer Mortality News, Between the Lines

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A CDC report just released indicates that the age-adjusted risk of cancer death is declining for Americans overall, and the trajectory is largely in line with the aspirational objectives of Healthy People 2020. There are several, salient messages in this report- and at least one more between its lines.First, as noted, the principal finding is that

David Katz, M.D.: Our Sodas, Stars and Selves: Where the Buck -- and Calories -- Stop

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To the inevitable backdrop of John Philip Souza marches and presidential photo-ops, Big Soda has announced that it will do some vague kind of something about the excesses they contribute to our intake of calories and sugars over something like ten years. (Unless, of course, they don't.) Cue the 21-gun salute! Release the confetti!Folks, that this i

Joshua Liao: Time for a New Business Focus in Medicine

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Medicine is undergoing a pretty significant makeover, and one of the most fascinating aspects of this transformation is the effort by some groups to reexamine their business focus. As the way Americans receive and pay for care changes, some are responding by expanding their reach beyond the business of health care into that of overall health. The "
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