Why the Obsession With Getting By on Less Sleep Needs to End

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A recent NPR article asked the question in its headline, "Is it Safe for Medical Residents to Work 30-Hour Shifts?" I immediately shook my head in disbelief. No. Absolutely not.Basically, the peg of the story was to delve into how longer work hours may or may not impact first-year medical residents. A year-long study is in effect that aims to compa

What Is the Ultimate Luxury?

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The best things in life aren't things. -- Art BuchwaldWhile nice things may be nice, the relentless pursuit of material goods leaves people feeling empty. More money, a faster car, a brand new dress and a bigger house don't bring happiness. What is striking is how bad most of us are at predicting what will.The offices of Park Avenue psychiatrists a

Brand New CrossFit Man

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"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win." -Pre

Channel Your Inner Kindergartner: 5 Reasons Coloring Isn't Just for Kids

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Most trends are a waste of time and money (remember the baked potato diet?) not to mention hideous (remember velour jumpsuits and the mullet?), but the latest trend of adult coloring books may be one worth paying attention to. Johanna Basford's Secret Garden coloring book has become a global bestseller, having sold over 1.4 million copies. A friend

If You Have Passion, You Don't Need Plastic Surgery

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Turning sixty last summer was a huge deal, touted with a big party, lots of friends and wine and laughter. I wore an old ankle-length floral dress, that still fit tightly -- the one I wore to a Fleetwood Mac concert in 1975.The celebration of my sixth decade happened last August 31, (a birth date shared with one of my heroes, violinist Itzhak Perlm

'Creating a Culture of Well-Being'

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We recently hosted a Wellness Salon at our Edelman New York office to discuss one of the most critical issues confronting all of us today: Well-Being. We posed the question to prominent change-makers in health and wellness: How Can We Create a Culture of Well-Being?Posted by Edelman on Wednesday, June 17, 2015Earlier this spring, Edelman PR, the wo

Olympic Medalist Deena Kastor Shares 10 Mindfulness Tips for World Record Success, Health and Happiness

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Olympic Medalist Deena Kastor After Setting Four World Records. Photo Credit GroupAt 5'4" and only 104 pounds, no one knew quite what to expect as 41-year-old Deena Kastor lined up for the 2014 Philadelphia Rock 'N' Roll Half-Marathon. An Olympic bronze medalist and American record holder for the marathon, she'd recently set

Is Your Life Battery Running on Empty?

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The signs of UNsuccessI was at the Simmons Leadership Conference for Women in Boston about two months ago. Arianna Huffington was on stage, and she asked a powerful question:"Can we all agree that if you wake up in a pool of your own blood, that is NOT a sign of success?"Though I was not sitting in a pool of blood, I was suffering. I had an increa

This Couple's Biggest Adventure Began When They Switched From Coffee To Green Tea

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David Mandelbaum and Jessica Lloyd were completely exhausted. They had a happy marriage and successful careers in New York City, but the long hours they logged in the entertainment and finance industries, respectively, left them with very little energy.So, like any burned out, overworked professionals, they turned to coffee. But instead of getting

WATCH: Why Does This Tea Cost $1,000 Per Pound?

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Drinking a hot cup of tea comes with a host of health benefits -- it can make you look younger, see better and maintain a healthy weight. It's the perfect drink for a dose of tranquility, but the boost in well-being wouldn't be quite up to snuff if it didn't taste delicious.During a conversation about how tea makes us happier and healthier, HuffPos
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