The Mammogram Debate: Five Important Things You Should Know

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Maybe it's the Girl Scout in me, but I always like to be prepared. So when I went to my doctor recently for a routine mammogram, I came armed with the latest statistics. "Why am I coming in here every year for a mammogram, if cancer doesn't run in my family?" I asked her. "Furthermore, I've read that if you've been having mammograms for more than t

Olivia Newton-John Shares Success: All in Her Family

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By Nancy Gould Chuda Founder and Editor-in Chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy WorldSome call her Liv, others Livvy, and if you're a close family friend and want to get her attention you say, OLIVIA. But to her fans and friends alike she is Olivia Newton-John, one of the most popular and talented singers in the world.Drop

Getting Over An Addiction To Your Ex

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If love is truly like a drug, can a breakup turn your affection into addiction? According to mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere, the answer is yes. You may be experiencing symptoms of an Exaholic, or someone whose strong attachment has turned self-destructive and dangerous. Dr. Jeff's latest project is a website and online com

How Do Men And Women React Differently In A Breakup?

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We had mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere stop by the program to talk to us about what to do if you’re obsessing over an ex. His new program is called Exaholics (, and it's an online community designed to help people get through their breakups. In our chat together, Dr. Jeff describes how our bodies process

The Health Benefits Of Having A Pet, From Andrea Arden (VIDEO)

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Is it true that having a pet is good for your health? Certified dog trainer Andrea Arden says, "Absolutely!" Studies have shown that having a pet as a part of your life decreases your chance of having a heart attack and lowers your stress levels. When you look into the eyes of your pet, it causes the feel good hormones oxytocin and serotonin to inc

Healthy (and Delicious!) Cookies Are a Reality (VIDEO)

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For more food drink and travel videos visit www.potluckvideo.comCookies are a crowdpleaser, but a twinge of guilt can often accompany the mix of butter, sugar and flour. Yet it usually isn't worth it to try a healthier or low fat cookie because the flavor just isn't there.However we may have found the holy grail of cookies: a delicious but healthie

Tea Recipes: Other Ways To Use Green, Black And Matcha (PHOTOS)

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We usually think of tea in two specific ways: as a warming cup of hot tea, or a cool, refreshing glass of iced tea. But tea can lend its aromatic and tannic qualities to all kinds of dishes, so let's stop relegating it only to a cup of boiling water. There are more varieties of tea on earth than we can count, which is what makes it such a versatile

WATCH: Why Does This Tea Cost $1,000 Per Pound?

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Drinking a hot cup of tea comes with a host of health benefits -- it can make you look younger, see better and maintain a healthy weight. It's the perfect drink for a dose of tranquility, but the boost in well-being wouldn't be quite up to snuff if it didn't taste delicious.During a conversation about how tea makes us happier and healthier, HuffPos

Flowering Tea: Revolting Or Amazing?

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Here at HuffPost Taste HQ, we tend to be pretty like-minded. We all have a special place in our hearts for cheese, we know the majesty of a well-made and well-timed cocktail, and we can usually count on one another to like the sound of many of the same recipes. That's why when there is an infrequent yet formidable chasm between what one of us think

You Can Now Wear Your Green Tea, We're Not Kidding

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It's time to put down that cup of tea and consider wearing it. Okay, you don't have to do that right this minute. But, Sacramento-based cheese maker and fashion designer Sacha Laurin is literally making tea clothing. In the above Fox News interview, Laurin's collection is described as kombucha couture -- kombucha meaning "fermented tea." She create
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