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The Morning Ritual Oprah Can't Live Without

Oprah has always loved drinking tea, but the first time she ever had real chai was in Mumbai in 2012. She was sitting on the floor in the small 10-by-10-foot home of a welcoming Indian family as the husband served up a memorable, incredible cup of chai.

Ever since, Oprah has considered herself a "pursuant of good, strong chai," even working with the experts at Starbucks and Teavana to create a bold chai blend of her own. Now, Oprah's own personal morning tea-brewing ritual includes making a cup of Teavana Oprah Chai -- but it isn't just about steeping tea. It's also about "steeping your soul" and taking time to pause and reflect on the day ahead.

Oprah's simple tea ritual begins with boiling hot water in a tea kettle on the stove. "While that's happening, the steeping process begins for me," she says, adding spoonfuls of loose leaf tea (a blend of black tea and rooibos) to an infuser in a large teapot.

"If you're a person who doesn't like your tea strong, then I would say [use] two teaspoons instead of two tablespoons," Oprah suggests. "I like to get the day going, so I do two tablespoons."

Once the water has boiled, Oprah pours it into a teapot and watches the tea leaves expand as a vibrant color emerges. "Now, I start my timer. Today, I think I'm going to do a four-minute [steep]," Oprah says. "While that is steeping, I start to froth my milk… This is going to make some really good chai, baby!"

After the timer goes off, Oprah pours the tea into a cup and then adds the frothed milk. "Great flavor," she says, taking a sip.

"What I must say about this Oprah Chai is that we got the cinnamon mixture just right so that you don't need sugar," Oprah continues. "I like mine savory and strong. I like at the end of one cup to be able to go, 'Yes!!'... That's how you get your chai on."

More about Teavana Oprah Chai | Teavana Oprah Chai will be available at Teavana and Starbucks locations in the U.S. and Canada beginning Tuesday, April 29.

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