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This Fast Food Take On Loose-Leaf Tea Will Destroy Tea Bags Forever

Move over, Teavana’s $27 express tea-brewing tumblers, there’s a new on-the-go loose-leaf tea innovation that comes free with purchase.

A photo set posted by a baffled tourist unsure of how to steep the tea bought in Germany without a bag has been buzzing over Imgur. The secret was in the revolutionary lid -- it has a pump and filter mimicking a French press coffee brewer.

Known as the Xpress lid, it was originally developed for coffee by Jeff Baccetti in Seattle. Baccetti's wife was the inspiration for his design.

"She was pouring the french press we made in the traditional Bodum french press into a paper cup to take it on the road with us. The idea hit me: There must be a way to make great coffee to go in a paper cup that can be disposed of and does not have to be cleaned up… Two weeks later I had the first drawings complete."

The lid is available in more then 200 coffee shops across the U.S., according to Baccetti. It's got to be the greatest innovation to coffee shops and teahouses since the skinny latte.

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